[NEW] 100% Working Hotstar Cookies & Premium Accounts (Feb 2022)

Make sure to read the entire article if you wish to know how to use Hotstar cookies & watch premium shows for free.

You must be a big entertainment buff since you ended up here looking for Hotstar cookies. Or maybe you are here to seek information on this new term you just heard about. Whatever the reason consider your purpose fulfilled with this article. By the end you will learn everything there’s to concerning  Hotstar cookies. Let’s get started


All Hotstar Cookies – February 2022

As we all know, Disney+ Hotstar by Star India is a premium streaming service that requires a subscription in order to watch the latest movies, Hotstar originals, and some shows that are not available to free users. However, some people cannot manage to pay for premium services. It’s a big letdown when someone’s excitement to watch new releases or an exclusive show isn’t satisfied.

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Luckily, Hotstar cookies are blessings in those situations, allowing viewers to use premium content for free. Watch whatever you want Poor Batch, Pose, Nomadland, Downhill, Big Shot, and so on, and I swear there won’t be a bummer anymore. You’re probably wondering what Hotstar cookies are and how they can help you. Well, keep scrolling!

What Are Hotstar Cookies?

You must be familiar with the word “cookies,” since several websites ask you to allow cookies the minute you visit them. You may have also noticed a clear cookie option when deleting your Google history. These cookies are just user records that the website captures and stores in the form of text files.


Cookies are used to identify your computer as well as your interests. When connected, the client-server generates stored data in the form of cookies. These cookies are then uniquely labelled to you and your device. Similarly, there are Hotstar cookies created by their server.

How do Hotstar Cookies help?

Cookies, as previously said, are user information and interests obtained and retained in text form by the website they are using. Similarly, Hotstar stores the user data as well as websites they browsed in order to offer an enhanced experience.


That is, the next time a user logs in, the Hotstar displays show similar to those previously streamed by the same user based on cookies. As a result, we export premium cookies and distribute them to free users so that they can watch exclusive shows.

Hotstar Cookies Download Links

Here are the download links for currently available and functional cookies.






Bookmark this page for future cookies.

How To Use Hotstar Cookies In 2022?

This is the most important section, so make sure to carefully read and understand all instructions.

  • Click here to install the EditThisCookie chrome extension. (If you are an Opera user click here)HOTSTAR-COOKIES
  • Visit the official Hotstar site and click on the EditThisCookie extension.
  • Now click on the import button. See the below image to locate it.HOTSTAR-COOKIES.jpg
  • An empty box will appear.
  • Click any of the Hotstar Cookies Download Links.  But open it on another tab.
  • Copy the entire code in the black region by clicking on the Click To CopyHOTSTAR-COOKIES.jpg
  • Paste the code in the empty field.
  • Hit the Green tick below and save.
    hotstar cookies
  • Finally, reload your browser and enjoy premium services free. Amazing, right?

Hotstar Premium Account Credentials

I am sorry to disappoint you but right now I don’t have any premium accounts to offer. However, soon I will update the articles with some so keep a sharp eye on this page. In the meantime enjoy streaming for free using the active cookies.

That’s all there is to know about Hotstar cookies. Start binge-watching shows or set up a movie marathon that you’ve wanted to do since who knows when.


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