How To Find And Catch Verdash In Palworld

If you are looking for a Pal with multiple work suitability, you should capture Verdash in Palworld.

Verdash is a Grass-type Pal of Palworld that comes with five work suitability. Three of its traits Planting, Lumbering, and Transporting are level 2, and two traits Handiwork and Gathering are level 3. Apart from that, it is one of the Alpha bosses that is hard to take down, not because of its attack or HP, but due to its speed.

In addition, its Partner Skill, Grassland Speedster increases your movement speed and adds Grass damage to your attacks. If you have yet to face this opponent, here is all you need to do to find and capture it in Palpagos Islands.

Where to Find Verdash in Palworld

Find Verdash in Palworld
Use Verdash to increase movement speed (Image Credit: Ultima Kira on YouTube)

There are mainly two locations where you can find Verdash in the game. The first place is No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the northwestern part of the map. The Pals here are strong, and this will be around level 40. To reach this sanctuary, you can Fast Travel to the Ruined Fortress City or Forgotten Island and then use a flying mount to reach the island. It is northwest of the Ruined Fortress City and west of the Forgotten Island.

Note: You will see a Criminal activity underway warning as soon as you land on No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary. Meaning if you get spotted, you will become wanted.

The second location where you will find this Pal is the Sealed Realm of the Swift dungeon (Coordinate 286,10). It is Alpha Boss of level 35 here and will give Ancient Civilization Parts and Ancient Civilization Points once defeated. However, if you fail, you must wait an hour for it to respawn.

How to Catch Verdash

Since Verdash is Grass-type you should summon the Fire element or attack Pals to fight against it. Suzaku, Incineram Noct, Ragnahawk, and Jormuntide Ignis will be tough opponents for the Pal. Additionally, you can use the Fire Bow and Fire Arrows to make it weak. Once its HP is low, use the Hyper or Ultra Sphere to capture it.

Other Ways to Get Verdash

You can breed it using the combos: Lamball + Penking, Cattiva + Penking, Cremis + Penking, and Foxparks + Incineram. Moreover, you can find the Huge Verdant Egg and incubate it for the Pal. Egg randomly spawns on the map, so it will be difficult to find it.

With this, we wrap our Palworld Verdash location and capture guide. If this is interesting, you should see our dedicated section. Start by learning what Smelter needs to work, and then find out how you can catch and sell humans in the Palpagos Islands.