Palworld Lyleen Location, Breeding, Possible Drops And More

Restore your HP faster with the help of Lyleen in Palworld.

With work suitability like Medicine, Planting, Gathering, and even Handiwork, Lyleen is quite in high demand among the players of Palworld. All of its traits are level 2 and more, which makes assigning it profitable for the base and for maintaining the food reserves. Additionally, this Grass-type Pal offers a Partner Skill called Harvest Goddess, which greatly restores your HP.

Its attack and defense are decent, but HP isn’t much, so defeating it isn’t going to be very difficult for players at level 35 or more. However, there aren’t many places where you can find it in Palpagos Islands. No need to worry though, as here we have not only given its location but other info you need to know about the Lyleen.

Where to Find Lyleen in Palworld

How to Find Lyleen in Palworld

Lyleen can mainly be found in the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the northeastern part of the map. Sanctuary Pals are usually high-level, so even this is going to level 40 or somewhere around it. The nearest Fast Travel point to the location is Deep Sand Dunes, which is part of the desert.

If you are going there, you need to prepare for the cold and hot climates of the area. You can equip the Heat Resistant Pelt Armor to deal with heat and Cold Resistant Pelt Armor for cold. Once you reach the travel point, take a flying mount and go in the east to find the pal sanctuary.

Note: You will see a Criminal activity underway warning as soon as you land on No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary. Meaning if you get spotted, you will become wanted.

Additionally, Lily & Lyleen are bosses of Tower of the Free Pal Alliance. You can beat them around level 25, and get 5 Ancient Technology Points.

How to Capture Lyleen and Possible Drops

Equip the Fire-type Pals while fighting with Lyleen, as the Grass-type is weak against them. Ragnahawk is best when dealing with this opponent, as its Partner Skill applies fire damage to your attacks while mounted. Blazehowl is also a good option since its skill allows you to get more drops from Grass-type Pals.

As for the weapons, you should go with the Fire Crossbow and Handgun. Once you have lowered its HP, throw the Ultra or Legendary Sphere to capture it. You will get these possible drops: Low Grade Medical Supplies, Beautiful Flowers, and Innovative Technical Manual.

Other Ways to Get Lyleen

Apart from breeding two Lyleen, you can use Mossanda and Petallia to get it in the game. Moreover, you can find and incubate the Huge Verdant Eggs to get it. However, eggs randomly spawn on the map, and it is RNG, so you might or might not get the Pal.

With this, you can now get the Lyleen in Palworld. If you are looking for more Pal guides, do check out our dedicated section. While you are here, also learn how to make Gold Coins and Respec your character.