How To Find And Catch Legendary Frostallion In Palworld

Can't find or fight the Legendary Guardian Deity of Palpagos Islands? Here is its location and tips to take down the Frostallion in Palworld.

When the Calamity struck the land, it was one of the four Legendary Pals, Frostallion who soared up to the sky sealing the threat and casting the eternal winter to the island. Now, spending its time in the extreme cold, it is one of the most powerful beings of the Palpagos Islands. It is a Guardian Deity, well known as the Winter Caller.

Among all the Ice types it is the only one with level 4 Cooling work suitability. However, that is not the only thing it offers. Ice Steed, its Partner Skill, changes your attack type to ice and enhances ice attacks while mounted. If you are planning to hunt Jetragon next, this is the exact skill and Pal you need. With that said, dealing with it is not going to be easy, but we are here to make it faster for you.

Palworld Frostallion Location

Palworld Frostallion Location

Frostallion can only be found in the west of the Land of Absolute Zero, at coordinates (-357, 509). You have to find the frozen lake, and you will see this Pal strolling on it. However, before you teleport there, make sure you are equipped to face the extreme temperature of the region. Since the fight is going to be long, keep plenty of food in your Feed Bag slots. To deal with the cold, you can craft and wear Cold Resistant Pelt Armor, Cold Resistant Metal Armor, Cold Resistant Refined Metal Armor, or Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor.

How to Fight and Catch Frostallion in Palworld

Frostallion has more than 13,000 HP and is at level 50, which is the max level any pal can reach in the game for now. Thus, to deal with it, you must be at least level 40, with level 45+ Fire Pals. Avoid getting attacked by it, as it’s going to cost you lots of health. What you need to do is, throw the pals like Suzaku to fight it. Additionally, keep hiding and running away from it, everytime you aggro it by using ranged weapons like Fire Arrow Crossbow.

Though it can fly, we have seen that it avoids doing that, so even when you are standing on the mountains, it will most probably just run towards you. In such cases, you have time to run and hide in the stone gaps. If luck is on your side, it might get stuck in the rocks while trying to attack you. This glitch has helped many hunt this Pal.

Its attack has good range, so fighting melee is never recommended, rather you should aim at it with Rocket Launcher from the high. While it is running towards you, throw another Pal to distract it. Though Grizzbolt is not Fire type, its Tri-Lightning and Lightning Strike are good distractions, as well as deal decent damage. While it’s trying to get up, attack with the Launcher and keep repeating to lower its HP.

Once it has become weak, throw the Legendary Sphere to catch Frostallion in Palworld. The capture rate is low, so keep spare spheres, in case it escapes from the first one. After you have added it to your Paldeck, you should find out how to get Jormuntide Ignis and reset stats to respec your character.