How To Find And Catch Kitsun In Palworld

Travel through the extreme cold and heat unaffected with the help of Kitsun in Palworld.

Mythical-looking blue flame holder Kitsun of Palworld possesses one of the most useful Partner Skills, a Clear Mind. This skill allows you to stay unaffected by the cold or heat while riding the Pal, so traveling in the desert becomes a lot easier when you have it. Additionally, besides the fire-based attacks, it holds a dark move, Spirit Flame, which fires three malice balls that follow the enemy relentlessly.

Like the other Fire types, it has the Kindling work suitability, so you can assign it to the Heater, Furnace, Campfire, and Kitchen. However, finding this Pal can be difficult, as it is found in specific areas during certain parts of the day. Not sure where that is and when to explore? Here is everything you need to know.

Where to Find Kitsun in Palworld (Location)

Find Kitsun in Palworld

Kitsun is nocturnal, meaning it only appears at nightfall. You will find it in the little cold area surrounding the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance (Syndicate Tower). Teleport to the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance and explore, but before that, equip the clothing that can protect you from the cold weather. You can craft and wear Cold Resistant Pelt Armor, Cold Resistant Metal Armor, Cold Resistant Refined Metal Armor, and Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor to deal with the temperature.

How to Catch Kitsun

Being the Fire type, it is weak against the Water-type Pals. You can use the Gobfin or Elphidran Aqua against this opponent. Gobfin will increase your attack power, and Elphidran Aqua makes Fire Pals drop more items when defeated. For the weapon, you can equip and use the Musket and Handgun. Use a Musket to do heavy damage, then if needed use a Handgun to further lower its HP. Since it is hard to find, try to be cautious, so you don’t end up killing it.

Other Ways to Get Kitsun in Palworld

Use these combos in the Breeding Farm to get this Pal:

  • Rooby x Penking
  • Penking x Rushoar
  • Celaray x Arsox
  • Tanzee x Nitewing
  • Lamball x Helzephyr

Apart from breeding, you can also get Kitsun from hatching Large Scorching Eggs. The egg is found all over the map and hatches Fire Pals.

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