How To Find And Get Depresso In Palworld

Get this kind-hearted misunderstood Pal, Depresso in Palworld, and take the help of this friend to grow your base.

Depresso is a Dark-type Pal of the Palworld that looks like it’s in dire need of Espresso. Even its Partner Skill is called Caffeine Inoculation, which when activated, it will drink lots of energy drinks and increase movement speed. Apart from having three work suitability Handiwork, Transporting, and Mining, this Pal is caught for the drop of Venom Gland—an item required for the poisonous weapons.

It is the earliest and easiest one you can capture for the item, yet you might haven’t seen it by now. You can spot them in the starter areas, however, they only appear at a certain part of the day. Not sure when that is and how you can get it? Here is everything you need to know.

Where to Find Depresso in Palworld

Where to Find Depresso in Palworld
Search these areas at night to find Depresso

Depresso can be found in several parts of the Palpagos Islands, but only at night. If you have been skipping it by sleeping in the bed, then you wouldn’t have seen this Pal by now. Just stay awake and venture near the Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance, Desolate Church, Grassy Behemoth Hills, and Plateau of Beginnings to look for it.

How to Catch Depresso

Dark-type are weak against the Dragon, but if you are at the early stage, you might haven’t captured any by now. Depresso isn’t very strong, so except for Neutral, you can use any other elemental Pals against it and even defeat it with your beginner weapons. You might even kill it by accident, so we recommend you use a club to lower its HP.

How to Breed Depresso in Palworld

Put these combos in the Breeding Farm and place the cake in the box to get the egg:

  • Lamball x Killamari
  • Tocotoco x Lifmunk
  • Fuack x Lifmunk
  • Hangyu x Pengullet
  • Sparkit x Pengullet

That’s all on how to find and catch Depresso in Palworld. Wondering which Pal to capture now, check out our dedicated section to decide, and while you are here, also learn what you can do to remove the dead bodies of the Pal.