How To Remove Dead Bodies In Palworld

Not sure what you can do to remove dead bodies from your base in Palworld? Here is how to get rid of them.

Were you trying to capture and sell humans to fetch some Gold Coins in the Palpagos Islands but ended up killing them? Regular NPCs, chilling by the bonfire and living in the settlement don’t usually carry guns or are as high-level as the Wandering Merchant and Black Marketeer, so they will die easily with just a few hits from your club. Also, raids are frequent, so by the end of each one, your base gets filled with dead Pals.

If it is somewhere else on the island, you can leave it there, but when they pile up in your base, it is displeasing to eyes. Moving around also becomes difficult, as they block the routes. This all makes one wonder what can be done to get rid of these dead bodies in Palworld. We are here to answer this question and give ways to remove them from anywhere.

How to Get Rid of Dead Bodies in Palworld

How to Get Rid of Dead Bodies in Palworld
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Dead bodies despawn, but it can take a long time for it. You cannot pick them or use any feature to dispose of them in the game. However, since they use a ragdoll mechanism, you can kick them out of your way. Just stand on one side of the body and keep moving in the direction you want to take it in. Cawgnito eats dead Pals at night.

In case, they don’t despawn even after hours or more, then Fast Travel to another location and come back here after some time. This should get rid of the bodies, yet if even that is not working, log out and log in. You can also try respawn to fix the problem.

While raids are quite rewarding sometimes, you might not want to fight in your base. Your perfectly planned structure and Pals assigned for specific works get disrupted and die after attacks. Those Chikipi and Lamball were supposed to become Chikipi Saute and Lamball Kebab afterward, but now you have to wait for them to revive. Don’t want that to happen, there are only two ways to prevent this: Make your base defense invincible or turn off the raid feature altogether.

Building unbeatable defense will take time, but turning off the system won’t. Just go to the title screen and press Start Game. Next, select the world and click on the Change World Settings option. Go to Custom from Difficulty and turn off “Enable Raid Events”. Select OK and Confirm to save the setting. It is important to remember that only the host of the world can make this change.

That is all on how to remove or get rid of dead bodies in Palworld. For more on this game, check out our other guides, like how to catch Verdash and get Jormuntide Ignis.