How To Farm Gold In Epic Seven

Check out this guide to learn how to get Gold in E7.

Gold is a type of micro currency in the E7. There are several exchange items here, such as Skystone, Stigma, Powder of Knowledge, Leif, Transmit Stone, Glory Crest, Conquest Points, Gold, and so on. We use Gold to purchase an item from Secret Shop, for upgrading, crafting, and more. And here is how to farm Gold in Epic Seven E7.

Epic Seven (E7): How to Farm Gold

Farm Gold E7

  • Hunt: These are the best ways to earn unique resources and items like Gold in the game. You can access this Hunt area from Lobby. By tapping on the “Battle” icon on the bottom right side of your screen. And then selecting “Hunt“.
  • Abyss: It’s the world’s deepest and most dangerous part according to the game’s description. And there are more than 100 Abyss levels or stages. They give useful resources and items, which include Gold too.
  • Labyrinth: Labyrinth is another challenging mode of the game. Here you can obtain equipment, Ancient Coins and Gold. You will need Labyrinth Tickets to enter its missions. And can be purchased from shops in exchange for Skystones, Leif, and Brave Crest.
  • Heart of Orbis: The Heart of Orbis is part of the Sanctuary. Get to Cradle of Life level 2, Mirror of Light level 3, and Benedictory Sanctum level 3. Cradle of life allows Heart of Orbis to store up to 24000 Gold and 6 Skystone. Mirror of Light generates 3000 Gold and 0.75 Skystone every hour. And lastly, Benedictory Sanctum gives you a 50% chance to earn 200% additional rewards.
  • Exchange Equipment and Penguin: If your inventory is overflowing with useless and low-stats equipment, extra Penguins, and other items you do not need. Then sell them for Gold. Go to your Inventory bag, tap on the item and slide left and right to set the amount. Press “Select“, and tap the “Sell” button to obtain Gold.

These are all the best ways to earn or farm Gold in Epic Seven E7. Also, check out its tier list and all Exclusive Equipment.