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Epic Seven: All Exclusive Equipment (April 2023)

These are all the Exclusive Equipment in E7.

Epic Seven is an adventure RPG that takes place in the 7th world. And you and your teammates are on a journey to save this world from Archdemon and its army. As you progress in the story, you will unlock different characters. And some of them will have a unique item with them known as Exclusive Equipment. Here is a list of all the Exclusive Equipment in Epic Seven E7.

All Exclusive Equipment in Epic Seven E7

Epic E7 All Exclusive Equipment

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All Exclusive Equipment comes with preset statistics. You can get them through the Hall of Trials Exchange Shop and crafting at the Sanctuary. Below is all the Exclusive Equipment with the Heroes.

  • Achates: Untainted Heart
  • Alencia: The Price of Insolence
  • Angelica: Emblem of the Holy Order of the Blue Cross
  • Aramintha: Scarlet Tear
  • Armin: Golden Cat’s Treasure
  • Assassin Cartuja: Silent Green Flash
  • Assassin Cidd: Death-Rattling Axes
  • Assassin Coli: Silent Daggers
  • Baal and Sezan: Cape of Selfish Interest
  • Bellona: Citrine Treasure
  • Blaze Dingo: Hellfire
  • Bomb Model Kanna: Nana’s Game Console
  • Cecilia: Black Winter Spear
  • Celine: Reingar PSC Armband
  • Cermia: Lucky Dice
  • Charles: Justice Mask
  • Charlotte: Little Queen’s Guard
  • Chloe: Prototype Crown
  • Choux: Snowy Mountain Horn
  • Cidd: Restrained Ferality
  • Clarissa: Hidden Nature Mace
  • Command Model Laika: Prototype Memory Card
  • Destina: Ruele’s Sad Promise
  • Diene: Halted Pocketwatch
  • Elena: Guide of Holy Brilliance
  • Free Spirit Tieria: Crimson Earrings
  • Furious: Indomitable Faith
  • General Purrgis: Tear-Stained Badge
  • Great Chief Khawana: Purest Flame
  • Guider Aither: Whispered Faith
  • Haste: Blood Choker
  • Ilynav: Bloody Jewel
  • Inferno Khawazu: Flame Armband
  • Karin: Sword of the Righteous Path
  • Kawerik: Proof of Choice
  • Kayron: Grudge Marble
  • Kise: Moon’s Judgment
  • Kitty Clarissa: Bag of Sweet Treats
  • Lidica: Eternal Rose
  • Lilibet: Soul Tailor
  • Ludwig: Everlasting Lapis
  • Luluca: Communion Lotus
  • Luna: Dragon Emerald
  • Melissa: Lord’s Coffin
  • Mort: Frigid Spirit
  • Mui: A Rabbit’s Wild Nature
  • Pavel: Silver Belt of Determination
  • Ravi: Flame of Life
  • Ray: Flawless Wings
  • Rin: Rin’s Sparkling Rings
  • Roaming Warrior Leo: Golden Horn of Vengeance
  • Romann: A Treatise of Logic
  • Rose: Valkyrie Wing
  • Senya: Grace of Madness
  • Serila: Witch Hat
  • Shadow Rose: Shadow Wing
  • Sigret: Queen’s Keepsake
  • Tenebria: Shadow King Plushie
  • Troublemaker Crozet: Silver Lion’s Protection
  • Tywin: Estyria
  • Vildred: Blade Insignia
  • Vivian: True Sight
  • Wanderer Silk: Dun Blyraia’s Dark Blessing
  • Watcher Schuri: The Watcher’s Monocle
  • Yufine: Azure Dragon’s Spirit
  • Yuna: Small Drone Tuna
  • Zahhak: A Spell of Tragic Love

These are all the Exclusive Equipment in Epic Seven E7. Wondering how to calculate Gear Score and what Expedition is.