Epic Seven: Expedition Guide

Here's everything you need to know about Expedition in E7.

Epic Seven is an RPG fantasy world with a captivating storyline. But apart from main story missions and side story quests, there are many interesting and resourceful challenges. Such as Abyss, Hunt, and Expedition. And here is a guide to know about Expedition in Epic Seven E7. With team composition, recruitment system, rewards, and more.

What is Expedition in Epic Seven E7 (Guide)

Wanted Poster Expedition Epic E7

At the time of writing this piece, there are 5 expeditions. That can be divided into five elements: Light, Dark, Fire, Ice, and Earth. To unlock these expeditions, you first have to clear Hunt Stage 8 in E7. To check and clear your Hunt stages, go to the main Lobby and tap on the “Battle” icon at the bottom of your screen. Choose “Hunt“, if you see the “Move to Expedition” option, tap on it to enter the Expedition map. If you don’t see that option means you have not cleared stage 8 of Hunt. So complete it and come here.

The five Expeditions are Pain Pursuer Moroi (Light), Destructive Gigantes (Dark), Hopeless Symaqus (Ice), Brutal Pherus (Fire), and Blooming Snag Lich (Earth). These Expeditions reward you with different kinds of Charm, Reforce Essence such as Manifestation Stone, Selection Chest like Equipment Conversion Gem Selection Chest & Greater Modification Gem Selection Chest, Reforge Essences such as Demon’s Proof, Skill Enhancer like MolaGora, and more.

Here we see two types of recruitment: Private and Open. Private Recruitments give more Bonus Points than Open Recruitment. And Open Recruitments are all the active public recruitment of your server. You are required to obtain a Wanted Poster to start these Expeditions. After clearing Hunt Stage 8 you receive these posters in several of your Hunts. You can check your posters by tapping on the “My Wanted Posters” option at the bottom right corner of your Expedition screen. Below are the best compositions for all elements.

Best Composition

  • Light: Cerise, Luluca, Adventure Ras, Landy
  • Dark: Tenebria, Vivian, Falconer Kluri, Iseria
  • Ice: Baiken, Rose, Iseria, Tamarinne
  • Fire: Krau, Arby, Tamarinne, Cermia
  • Earth: Kayron, Vildred, Adventure Ras, Tenebria

This was the Expedition guide for Epic Seven. If you are looking for more such articles. Check out how to calculate Gear Score and how to change your name in E7.