How To Calculate Gear Score In Epic Seven (E7)

This is how you can calculate GS in E7.

Epic Seven is a role-playing game with millions of users. The game has Hunts, Abyss, PvP, PvE, and much more which makes it a vivid adventure. There are six types of equipment: Weapon, Armor, Ring, Necklace, Boots, and Helmet. And in this guide, we will learn how to calculate the Gear Score of these pieces of equipment in Epic Seven E7.

Epic Seven: How to Calculate Gear Score

Calculate Gear Score Epic 7

Gear score is the sum of all the sub-stats of any equipment. You cannot simply calculate them by summing all the stats, as the value percentage is different for all these stats. There is level 90 and level 85 gear, so the total score of all six pieces will be different. And there is no universal formula for calculating Gear Score. So we went through all the available methods and selected the one simplest for you. Let us first learn the multiplier percentage formula.

  • Attack: 1 percent = 1
  • HP: 1 percent = 1
  • Defense: 1 percent = 1
  • Effectiveness: 1 percent = 1
  • Effect Resistance: 1 percent = 1
  • Critical Damage: 1 percent = 1.1
  • Critical Chance: 1 percent = 1.6
  • Speed: 1 percent = 2
  • GS chart for 90 level: 81 to 90 is best, 70 to 80 is very good, 60 to 69 is good, and 50 to 59 is okay. Lower than these is not desirable.
  • GS chart for 85 level: 71 to 85 is best, 60 to 70 is very good, 50 to 59 is good, and 40 to 49 is okay.

Now let us learn through example. Suppose Attack is 20%, HP is 5%, Defense is 4%, and Critical Hit Damage is 7%.
So you will get 20 x 1 + 5 x 1 + 4 x 1 + 7 x 1.1 = 36.7 GS (Gear Score)

As for the flat stats, the formula for converting them is even more diverse, complicated, and uncertain. So for now, we can only help you calculate percentage base sub-stats. Hopefully, in the future, we will get a simple and accurate formula for converting flat stats. So don’t forget to check our site for all the latest updates.

Here you learned how to calculate Gear Score in Epic Seven E7. If you found this guide knowledgeable, then check out how to change the name and how to change a background in E7.