Evony General Maximilian I Attributes And Build

Read this guide to learn all you need to build Evony General Roman Emperor Maximilian I.

The way Evony uses historical figures and events is second to none. The power they hold and the attributes they offer, all resemble or mirror the real figure. This makes us more curious about some Epic and Rare historical generals like Maximilian I of Evony TKR. If you are interested in these famous historical figures, their attributes and build in the game too. Then keep reading this development plan for Evony General Maximilian I.

All About Evony General Maximilian I – Roman Emperor

General Maximilian 1 Evony TKR

Maximilian I is an Awakened (Red Color) General from European Civilization. You will find him in the Europe section of General Portraits. This Roman Emperor costs 60 million Gold and offers base stats of leadership 113, attack 114, defense 120, and Politics 101. Special skill Maximilian 1 shares with us is The White Emperor. This special skill allows him to boost Mounted troop attacks and defense by 30% and reduce the enemy’s Ranged troop attack by 20% when leading the army to attack.

Mounted Troop Assault, Snipe, War God, and Battle of Guinegate are four specialties Maximilian I – Roman Emperor offers. Mounted Troop Assault increases Mounted troop attack and HP by 10%. Snipe decreases enemy troop attacks by 10%. War God boosts all troop attacks by 6%. Battle of Guinegate increases Mounted troop attack by 30% and reduces enemy ranged troop defense by 30%.

If you went through his attributes, you might already know that it is best to increase his Mounting capabilities, as he is offering the best specs on them. So keep reading this guide and learn his development plan based on the Mounted troop.

Build Crafts for Evony General Maximilian I

Below you will learn about all the crafts that boost the Mounted troop capabilities of general.

  • Courageous Achaemenidae Ring
  • Fearless Achaemenidae Helmet
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Helmet
  • Fearless Dragon Helmet
  • Courageous King’s Helmet
  • Stables Officer’s Robe
  • Courageous Dragon Armor
  • Fearless King’s Armor
  • Light Armor
  • Champion’s Armor
  • Fearless Dragon Leg Armor
  • Courageous King’s Leg Armor
  • Fearless Achaemenidae Boots
  • Fearless Dragon Boots
  • Courageous King’s Boots
  • Achaemenidae Spear
  • Dragon Spear
  • King’s Spear
  • General’s Spear
  • Fighter’s Spear

What Should Monarch Equip

  • Thunder Staff
  • Thunder Grail
  • Thunder Decoration

Skill Books for White Emperor

  • Lv4 Mounted Troop Attack
  • Lv4 Mounted Troop Speed
  • Lv4 Mounted Troop HP
  • Lv4 Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster

That’s all on Evony General Maximilian I build and attributes. While you are here, read our other similar articles like Pharaoh General Thutmose III and King of the Vikings Harald.