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Pharaoh General Thutmose III Attributes in Evony TKR

Here is all you need to know about Pharaoh General Thutmose III of Evony.

Players must know that historical figures and popular fictional characters are turned into Generals here. Coming from numerous civilizations and cultures, the range is diverse and amusing, without doubt, one of the best. Therefore you should know about famous personalities like General Thutmose III of Evony and build the perfect development plan for it.

All About Pharaoh General Thutmose III Of Evony TKR

Thutmose III Evony General

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Thutmose III is an Awakened General (Red Color) belonging to the Others section of the General Portraits. It costs 60 million Gold. He offers base stats of leadership 114, attack 116, politics 108, and defense 112. His Special skill is Invincible Pharaoh which allows him to increase the Ranged troop’s attack by 30% and the Ground troop’s HP by 25% when leading the army to attack.

His four specialties are Ranged Troop Formation Bash, War God, and Battle of Megiddo. Ranged Troop Formation can increase that troop’s Attack and Defense by 10%. Bash can increase the Attack of both Ranged troop and Siege Machine by 10%. War God increases the attack power of all troops by 6%. And lastly Battle of Megiddo increases the attack and defense of Ranged troops by 20% and the defense of Ground troops by 20%.

Build for General Thutmose III Evony

Thutmose III Evony

After comparing all his attributes, including specialties and special skills, growing his Ranged capabilities is recommended. So here is a list of Crafts for him with Ranged troop buffs.

  • Fearless Dragon Ring – Increases Archer troop HP by 18%.
  • Courageous King’s Ring – Troops HP increases by 16%.
  • Fearless Dragon Helmet – 15% buff on the attack.
  • Courageous King’s Helmet – Increases 12% attack power.
  • Archer Camp officer’s Robe – 2% buff on attack and 5% on Training capacity of Ranged troops.
  • Fearless Dragon Armor – Give Evony General Thutmose III 15% buff on troop defense.
  • Courageous Dragon Armor – Provides 15% buff on HP.
  • Courageous King’s Armor – Gives 12% buff to Ranged troop defense.
  • Courageous Achaemenidae Leg Armor – Troop attack buff 17%.
  • Courageous Dragon Leg Armor – Defense increases by 15%.
  • Fearless King’s Leg Archer – Increases 12% defense of troops.
  • General’s Leg Armor – Soldier’s Defense increases by 10.5%.
  • Campaign’s Leg Armor – Ranged defense increases by 9%.
  • Fearless Achaemenidae Boots – Gives Evony General Thutmose III troop HP of 17%.
  • Fearless Dragon Boots – Increases 15% HP.
  • Courageous King’s Boots – Gives 125 buff to troop HP.
  • King’s Bow – Buff of 20% to attack.
  • Elie’s Bow – Increases attack by 12.5%.
  • Transcendence Bow – Provides 10% buff to Ranged troops.

Know About Real King

Thutmose III also known as Thutmose the Great ruled Egypt for almost 54 years and belonged to the Eighteenth Dynasty. Pair of Obelisk, Cleopatra’s Needles, one of the most popular structures of Egypt now in London and New York was built on his orders too. He was considered a military genius who conducted no less than 16 Campaigns in 20 years. The New Kingdom saw its height in his reign and he conquered more than 300 cities, due to which he was also known as the Napoleon of Egypt. So him being part of Evony’s General list is no surprise.

In this guide, you learned about Evony General Thutmose III with his build and attributes. Hopefully, you found this helpful. If you did also read about General King Harald and the best Ranged Generals of TKR.