Epic Seven: How To Get Song Of Stars?

Find out how to get the Song of Stars in E7.

Song of Stars is a 5-star Artifact that is specific to the Ranger class in Epic Seven. This Artifact can boost the power of a Hero by increasing the damage dealt and providing additional Attack bonuses. You can equip this Artifact to certain Heroes and really improve upon their battle competence. In this guide, we will explain how you can obtain the Song of Stars in Epic Seven.

How To Obtain The Song Of Stars In Epic Seven?


You can attain the Song of Stars through the Covenant Summon in Epic Seven. The Covenant Summon is the standard summon in the game. However, owing to the large number of items available in E7, you might have to make a few attempts before you get the Song of Stars. You will need 5 Covenant Bookmarks for a single summon. In addition, you will get 1 free summon per day. To know how you can get these bookmarks in E7, check out How To Farm Covenant Bookmarks In Epic Seven?

The Song of Stars is an Artifact that can be quite useful for certain characters. These include Muse Rima, Flan, Godmother, Cerise, Pavel, Faithless Lidica, Furious, Wanderer Silk, Iseria, Leo, and Schuri.

When you equip the Song of Stars to these characters, it gives them a 50.0% chance for an enemy to become targeted for 2 turns after a Single Attack. Moreover, it also increases the Damage dealt to target enemies by 15%. With the decreased Evasion Chance, you are more likely to defeat your opponent with this Artifact equipped.

You can further optimize the power of this Artifact when you use it at Max Level with an Awakened character. This provides a 100.0% chance for an enemy to become targeted for 2 turns after a Single Attack. The Damage dealt to targeted enemies is increased by 15%.

This is how you can get the Song of Stars in Epic Seven. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Increase Morale In Epic Seven?