Epic Seven: How To Farm Covenant Bookmarks?

There are a number of sources through which you can acquire Covenant Bookmarks in Epic Seven.

Covenant Bookmarks are purchasable items in Epic Seven that can be used to summon Heroes in the Covenant Summon. There are multiple ways to acquire these Bookmarks in the game. If you want to know more about how to farm Covenant Bookmarks in Epic Seven, check out our guide below.

How To Farm Covenant Bookmarks In Epic Seven?


As we stated above, Covenant Bookmarks can be used to summon Heroes. You will require 5 Covenant Bookmarks to pull off a Covenant Summon. Moonlight Heroes can also be summoned using Covenant Bookmarks. There are a number of sources through which you can acquire these Bookmarks in Epic Seven. We have listed all the possible methods below.

Secret Shop

You can buy the Covenant Bookmarks at the Secret Shop. However, they appear randomly in the shop and you will have to check back often to see if they are available for purchase. You can get 5 Covenant Bookmarks for 184,00 Gold through this method.

Normal Shop

Covenant Bookmarks are also available for purchase in the normal shop. However, here you will have to spend Skystone rather than Gold to purchase them. You can get 5 Covenant Bookmarks for 100 Skystone here. Moreover, you can also do a bulk purchase and get 50 Covenant Bookmarks for 950 Skystone.

Vagrant Merchant

The Vagrant Merchant also sells the Covenant Bookmarks at times. You will have to check in frequently to know when they are available as their availability is quite random. The Merchant charges 184,00 Gold for 5 Covenant Bookmarks.

Reputation Rewards

You can also acquire Covenant Bookmarks as Reputation Rewards in Epic Seven. You can complete tasks such as Filling the Hero Journal to get more Bookmarks.

Daily Quests

Some Daily Quests can also provide 1 Covenant Bookmark for completion. Since this can be done everyday, you have the chance to get 3-5 star Hero or 3-5 star Artifact by collecting the Bookmarks this way.


You can also conquer floors in Abyss to earn the Covenant Bookmarks as a rewards. However, only selected floors will give out the Bookmarks a s reward.

These are all the best ways to farm Covenant Bookmarks in Epic Seven. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Get And Use Stigma In Epic Seven?