Epic Seven: How To Increase Morale?

Morale Points can decrease the stats for Heroes when they fall low.

Morale Points can play an important part in Epic Seven. These points can drastically decrease the stats for Heroes when they fall low. This is why it is important to keep a high Morale in Epic Seven. In this guide, we will explain how to increase Morale and what happens if it falls low.

How To Increase Morale In Epic Seven?


Morale points can fall when you move between map screens or battle against enemies. Since you only get one free entry ticket in a day, it can be disappointing when you fail because of low Morale. However, you can easily raise the Morale of a team by heading to the crossroad point in the zone or the labyrinth.

You can camp here to boost Morale. To camp, you need to click on the Camp Tent icon located in the bottom left corner of the screen and tap Confirm. You can only Camp once per exploration so only choose this option when absolutely necessary. Camping can also raise Friendship Levels with your Heroes.

You begin the exploration with 31+ morale points. These points steadily decrease as you move from one map screen to the next (-1 point) or face enemies (-7 points). You can check the status of your Morale Points below the mini-map.

It is important to know the effect low Morale can have on your Heroes. While the Morale of the Team is between 1 to 30, there is no negative consequence. However, if the Morale points fall below 0, the defense, health and attack power of your Heroes will be decreased by 25%. As the Morale keeps on decreasing, the stats will decrease more drastically. When the Morale Points have fallen below -31 to -49, the attack power, defense, health, and speed will be decreased by 50%. Lastly, if the Morale spirals completely and falls below -50, the attack power, defense, health, and speed stats will decline at a devastating 90%.

If you faint, you will have to start the exploration again. This is why it is important to keep your Morale high in Epic Seven. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Increase CP In Epic Seven?