Epic Seven: How To Increase CP?

CP stands for Combat Power in Epic Seven

CP or Combat Power is a crucial factor in determining the strength of a character in E7. The Heroes with a higher CP stat will definitely perform better in a battle than those with a lower stat. However, CP stats are not set in stone and you can increase them in Epic Seven to strengthen your team. Let us take a look at the ways to increase this stat in the game.

How To Increase CP In Epic Seven?

Increase CP Epic Seven

There are a lot of ways to increase CP for your characters. You can gain EXP and level up your Heroes by completing regular activities in the game. However, in this guide, we will explore the most useful and time-efficient methods for increasing your Combat Power in E7.

Awaken Heroes

When you Awaken Heroes in Epic Seven, it also increases their CP stats. To Awaken a Hero, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the Main Menu and select the Hero option.
  • From the list of Heroes, select the one that you want to Awaken.
  • Tap on the Awaken button. This will put the Awakening in motion.

You will need materials like Runes for the Awakening. When a Hero has been Awaken 5-6 times, you will also need Catalysts to Awaken them further.

Better Gear

Gears can go a long way to improve your stats. Depending on the quality of the gear, you can influence the Combat Power of your Heroes substantially. You can determine the quality of a Gear by its color. Grey or Brown color Gears are generally low in quality. Meanwhile, Green Gear is slightly better. It is followed by Blue Gear which is quite decent. Then, you have the Purple Gear which is good, followed by the Red Gear which is the best in Epic Seven.

It is essential to keep your character in mind when selecting a Gear. For example, if you want a Gear for a Damage Dealer, you will want a Gear that enhances their Attack and Crit. On the other hand, you will want HP and DEF boost for the Tank units. Similarly, Healers will respond best to Gears that boost their HP and Attack.

These are the best methods to increase CP in Epic Seven. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Increase Friendship Levels In Epic Seven?