Goddess Of Victory Nikke: How To Get Emma

Here is a guide to help you get Emma in the Nikke Goddess of Victory.

Emma is an Absolute affiliation Nikke and you must definitely get her in Goddess of Victory. She is one of the top-tier Nikke’s and an SSR. She belongs to the Miracle Squad and is appointed for high-difficulty missions. Here is how you get Emma to complete your Absolute Squad.

How to Get Emma in Goddess of Victory Nikke

get emma in goddess of victory nikke

  • You can get Emma through the in-game gacha mechanic.
  • As you know that Goddess of Victory is a gacha card-oriented shooting game.
  • The characters to complete your squads are presented by the random system.
  • Along with Emma, you require Vesti and Eunhwa to complete the Absolute tier.

Emma is the top-ranked Elusion SSR Nikke in the game. She belongs to the Fire category and uses a special therapy Machine Gun. Along with having Burst 1 skills, she also belongs to the supporters class in the game. Her care is irresistible, and even the protagonist cannot escape it being the one in command. Getting Emma is one of the best decisions as she is a tough character for the Absolute squad along with caring about her teammates.

Furthermore, Emma also has variations in costumes just like Rapi. A known fact about Emma is that you should never taste the food she cooks. As it tastes weird and has some weird side effects to it. Emma surprised the other Nikke’s with her Colour Me Red outfit on Christmas. Emma’s storyline is mostly related to her being one of the caring sister-like figures to other Nikke’s.

So we hope that we helped you understand how to get Emma through this article. Before we conclude, if you find it difficult to get the characters that you wish, you can always check out this article on how to reset characters in the game. Besides that, if you found this article helpful you can further check out how to get Noir in Goddess of Victory Nikke.