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How To Defeat Blaster Soldier Mighty Doom

Read this guide to learn how to kill Blaster Soldier in Mighty Doom.

Blaster Soldier is one of the boss enemies that appear in Hell on Earth. Having a deathly cannon in his right hand, this enemy can blast you into pieces if not paid enough attention. Therefore read this guide to learn all you need to know about how to defeat Blaster Soldier in Mighty Doom. Introduced in the original franchise, this zombie is known for high-damage charged shots. Thus, learning about it becomes even more crucial to stay safe and reach the end.

Mighty Doom: How to Defeat Blaster Soldier Boss

Beat Blaster Soldier Zombie
Image Credit: Jaba Play on YouTube

Even though it looks rough, defeating this zombie is easier than you think, as it moves a lot but is not as fast as Doom. So dodging his attack is comparatively easier. And like Megha Zombie, it attacks in a circular motion. And he rotates while throwing flame balls. And these flame balls can deal heavy damage. Thus, dodging it is crucial with the upgradation of your armor, helmet, gloves, and other gear before jumping into the battleground of Blaster Soldier in Mighty Doom.

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He mainly uses two types of attacks. One is a continuous attack of flame balls that he blasts while rotating. And second is his charged attack, which looks like a firework and spreads its flames just like them too. If you are agile, dodging these attacks by taking advantage of gaps will be a piece of cake for you. And you will easily defeat Blaster Soldier in Mighty Doom.

Recommended Weapons Against Blaster Soldier

Frag Grenade, Burst Rifle, Chain Gun, and Combat Shotgun are some weapon recommendations to defeat Blaster Soldier in Mighty Doom. This zombie is weak against explosive attacks. Therefore Frag Grenade is a must in his case. This weapon deals heavy damage to monsters that are weak against explosives. Burst Rifle, Chain Gun, and Combat Shotgun have heavy ballistic power and deal extra damage to the enemy weak against these types.

Using Crucible against this enemy is feasible if your defense is strong and you can go near him without much damage. But Flame Belch and Plasma Rifle are not recommended against Blaster Soldier. If you have a high level of these weapons, you might be able to defeat this enemy, but that will take a lot of effort and time. So better go for one of the mentioned gear.

That’s all on how to defeat Blaster Soldier in Mighty Doom. Are you wondering how to beat Mecha Zombie and Prowler boss in the game? Follow the linked guides and defeat them with ease. Also, skim through our site to read more Mighty Doom Guides.