DBD Status Effects Explained – What Do They Do?

For acing in a specific game the player should have proper knowledge about its mechanics.

Dead by Daylight is all about thinking on your feet and how smart your gameplay is. For that, the player should have proper information not only about the Perks and Add-ons but also about the status effect in the game which will improve their gameplay. Check out how many status effects are there in Dead by Daylight (DBD) and how they work.


Dead by Daylight (DBD) Status Effects & What Do They Do?

As of now, there are 18 Status Effects in Dead by Daylight (DBD) but in the future, the developers can add more or maybe remove some. But there’s nothing to worry about it, we will keep you updated.

dead by daylight status effects explained
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  • This effect lasts for 60 seconds and Blinds/Blocks the abilities of the Survivors, which restricts the player from seeing the Auras of objects associated with the killer or the outlines. For example – The player won’t be able to see where their fellow survivor teammate has been hooked.



  • This effect improves the movement speed of the killer in a long chase. There are basically 3 tiers for Bloodlust. The speed starts to increase only if the killer is running and has been chasing the survivor for 15 seconds. The longer the chase is the faster the killer’s movement gets. But the killer loses the ability of Bloodlust once they hit a survivor or they break a Pallet.

Broken Status Effect in DBD

  • This effect impacts the survivor’s health. By making the survivor vulnerable and restricting the player to heal themselves, even if they’re carrying a Medkit. It also restricts the other survivors to heal the injured player. And the player affected by this effect gets stuck in an injured state. The duration of this effect depends on the type of killer and their perks.



  • If this appears on the right side of your screen. Then it means that the player has been cursed by a Hex Perk. And it also indicates that there’s a Hex Totem somewhere on the map. It needs to be cleansed as soon as possible. In order to break the curse and it’ll also disable the killer’s associated Hex Perks too.

Deep Wounds

  • If the player is affected by this effect. A bar in red, orange color will appear under your username, and after the player escapes from the killer’s Terror Radius. The bar starts to decrease and the player needs to heal/mend their Deep Wounds within 20 seconds, or else the survivor will be in a dying state in no time. The screen will keep getting darker and darker as long as the player has the Deep Wounds.


  • This effect helps the survivor by creating a White Aura around the player, in which the player can take an extra Hit by the killer without losing any Health. This effect can help the survivors if they’re rescuing their teammate from the Hook.

Exhausted Status Effect in DBD

  • This affects survivors and has a shared Cool down with all the exhaustion perks. So if you use this effect you’ll have the same Cool down for your all exhausted perks during the Trial. It also gives you a cool-down reset immediately after getting off the Hook.


  • This effect impacts the survivors. It comes in handy for the killer and it makes sure that one hit from the killer can put the player into a dying state (One-shot), regardless of their Health.

Hemorrhage Status Effect in DBD

  • In order to make Blood trails more noticeable, this effect makes the injured survivor Bleed more. Which guides the killer to the injured survivor.


  • This status effect comes in handy for both, the killer and the survivors. Their base movement gets increased by a certain percentage. For survivors, it makes you able to walk and run faster, and also in the killer’s case, it makes their Base movement faster.


  • This status effect is exactly the opposite of the Haste effect. Because it decreases the movement of the survivors by a certain percentage and makes them walk, and run slower than usual for a period of time, which may benefit the killer.


  • This effect is only used by the Twins. When Victor is on the survivor it restricts the player from using certain Props like cleansing the Totem, using items, fixing the Generators, and many more things.


  • This effect can be only used by The Doctor. It is a 3 tiered status effect, where the survivors hallucinate of there being multiple killers (Doctor), illusionary Bloodstains appearing around the player, illusionary Pallets and sometimes the survivor also starts screaming without any reason, which makes it easier for the killer to track down the survivor. It also restricts the players from healing themselves. It’s very difficult for the survivors to snap out of the hallucinations caused by the effect.


  • This effect impacts the healing speed of the survivors. It decreases the player’s healing speed by 20%, even if two fellow teammates are healing the injured survivors. But once the player finishes healing themselves, then the status effect gets disappeared. The delay in your healing gives a chance for the killer to catch you in an injured state.


  • his effect basically deafens you and put you in a state where you can’t hear the terror radius heartbeats or the music, and also can’t see the auras of the killer. Perks needing terror radius to activate don’t activate either.

Sleep Penalty Status Effect in DBD

  • This affects survivors and is only used by the killer Freddy. It just makes it longer for the fellow survivors to wake the player up from the dream.


  • This status effect is beneficial for the killers. Because it makes the killer undetectable by making the sound of terror radius and Bloodstains disappear. But this status effect is only available for certain killers, and by specific perks and add-ons.

Luck Status

  • This status effect helps the survivor by increasing their success rate at unhooking themselves, disarming the Traps, and also helps in Chest search.

These Dead by Daylight status effects make the game more difficult for the survivor, but now you know about the impacts of the effects, so just memorize them and you are good to go. For more on DBD, check out our guide on how to use Flashlight to your advantage.


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