Cookie Clicker Strategy – Ultimate Guide To Collect Cookies Quickly

Here's a cookie clicker strategy guide outlining all the techniques of collecting cookies efficiently and uniquely in detail.

Often you come across some awesome unpredictable browser games, and Cookie Clicker is no exception. Basically, in this highly addictive game, all you need to do is click a gigantic cookie to make more cookies.

However, there is no end to the game, you can learn how to collect cookies efficiently and spend them wisely for the best ROI with the support of this comprehensive guide. Click the giant cookie, make as many as possible, and shop items that help to collect more cookies.

How Do These Items Help You Get More Cookies?

Well, these items can get you cookies 3 ways:

  • Offers more cookies per click.
  • Upgrades cookie generation through click less and clicking methods.
  • Automatically generates cookies I.e., without any clicks.

The game offers players an easy target to strive for, instead of a difficult ending like other games. Also, the game offers rewards that are needed to unlock and a prestige system to keep you engaged.

Cookie Clicking Strategy Guide To Instantly Obtain Maximum Cookies

Following are the things to consider if you wish to collect countless cookies.

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1. Return On Investment

Real-life investing and personal finance Concepts might be applied in this game. The only distinction is that we actually spend money to make more money, while in the game cookies are used to make more cookies.

Before buying any upgrades or buildings, think about what you expect in return. As the game advances the cost of upgrades and buildings also rises. So, before investing, determine whether you will get enough cookies to justify your purchase at this point.

Confused? Don’t worry, below scenarios make this concept clearer. Assume you have collected 1000 cookies and consider the below choices:

  • Get 2 grandmas spending 800 cookies and generate a total of 20 cookies per second each.
  • Get 1 farm spending 1000 cookies to generate 28 cookies per second.

At first instance, the farm appears to be a smarter bet, even though it is broken down into a percentage of the return on the original investment:

  • Grandmas makes 2.5% of the initial investment per second.
  • The farm makes 2.8% of the initial investment per second.

Obviously, we can say that the farm is only marginally better. The following example poses two approaches to be followed:

  • Buy grandmas and utilize the remaining 200 cookies to produce more cookies.
  • Buy a farm to produce additional cookies in the immediate future.

Which strategy to choose depends upon the player. If the player wishes to leave the game then the farm is the suitable choice and if the player wishes to actively participate then grandmas is the better option.

Pro Tip: Purchasing new buildings always yields a higher return versus heading to the high degree of upgrades to the originally cheap, early-game buildings.

2. Come-Up With A Decisive Strategy

This strategy is to prevent the loss of cookies in places that you do not wish to use.
Before you begin the game, determine which of the two ways to play, i.e. either clickable or click less. If you’re willing to click away, then it’s best to fixate your technique on clicking more. If you choose to quit it, then go for an automated cookie generation strategy.

This brilliant technique is to help you manage your valuable assets most productively in alignment with your approach. For the clickable technique, emphasize all the click-based updates first, as more cookies can be collected in the long run.

3. Avoid Farms And Focus On Grandmas

Blindly splurge all your savings into the Grandma tech tree. Grandpa buildings and upgrades exist since the start of the game and have matured incredibly well thanks to the developers for bringing in frequent grandmas’ updates.

Whereas, Farms are not worth all your investments. You can spend some and smartly use the remaining on more valuable stuff.

4. Achievements

Achievements are tags that you obtain to fulfil several objectives, and each one raises the value. Keep in mind that you are consistently on your way to activating these achievements to support you in the long haul. You’ll get milk each time you unlock a new accomplishment.

It’s essential to explore all the achievements to check if you have “easy wins” to promptly strengthen yourself with a simple upgrade.

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5. Upgrade Your Prestige

It is always fun and challenging to aim for a certain goal. Aim to reach the first target of 1 trillion to progress to the higher prestige level. Each time you ascend all your cookies, buildings, and upgrades be reset although you will retain all your achievements.

Doing so steadily boosts your cookie income, so for the long-term benefit keep upgrading prestige levels.

6. Upgrading Is Important

It’s a cost-effective way to significantly increase the cookies per second. However, even though it’s a smart idea to upgrade as quickly as possible, it’s still not a great idea to upgrade buildings you don’t have. Similarly, it’s a terrible idea to upgrade to a tech click if you never plan to click.

The strategies in this guide will help you to make zillions of cookies only if they are incorporated all together and not just any.

Follow this guide to get the cookies overflowing!