How To Build Sigret In Epic Seven (E7)

Here is a guide to build Sigret in E7.

Epic Seven is a role-playing adventure action game with more than 100 characters. Which makes it hard for players to create the best team composition. But there are some heroes which are must like Adventurer Ras, Arbiter Vildred, Sez, Senya, and Sigret. In this guide, we will focus on Sigret and how to build her in Epic Seven E7.

Epic Seven (E7): How to Build Sigret

Build Sigret Epic Seven E7

Sigret is an Ice element Warrior-type hero. She is a Taurus of five-star rarity. You can obtain her through Covenant Summon. She is a strong debuffer, can inflict unhealable attacks, and is one of the best farmers. She is best for Boss Hunt due to her debuff skills. And she is also considered a worthy teammate for World, Abyss, Raid, and Guild Wars.

Her active skills are Sever, Smash, and Guilotine. Sever has 40 percent of inflicting bleeding for 2 turns. Smash has an 85 percent chance of inflicting bleed on the enemy and then being unhealable for two turns. If enemies health is less than 50 percent, then it activates Sever with a 100 percent chance of a bleed. Her third skill Guilotine pierces the enemy’s weak point and inflicts extinction when an enemy is defeated. Her specialty is Charismatic Commander, which gives a 10 percent increase in reward.

Effectiveness, Critical Hit Chance, and Critical Hit Damage are stats to focus on. MolaGora, MolaGoraGO, Horn of Desire, and Shiny Enchantment are recommended resources for her. Attack, Rage, Speed, and Destruction items are good for Sigret. Epic Weapon Origin Spider Queen’s Mace, Origin Spider Queen’s Breastplate, Heroic Helmet Ancient Drake Mask, The Sage’s Seal, and Coselium are some recommended sets for her. Daydream Joker, Uberuis’s Tooth, and Hell Cutter are the best artifacts for Sigret.

This is the build guide of Sigret in Epic Seven E7. If you found this knowledgeable, then check out how to beat Zio 10-10 and the best stages to farm EXP.