How To Beat Darkness Possessed Zio 10-10 In Epic Seven

Here is how to defeat Darkness-possessed Zio in E7.

Epic Seven is divided into several Episodes, Chapters, and Acts. All of them have different challenges and a variety of rewards. Recently, we also got our Episode 4 Chapter 10 Act 10 final boss enemy, Darkness-possessed Zio. And here is how you can beat 10-10 Darkness Possessed Zio in Epic Seven.

Epic Seven: How to Defeat Darkness Possessed Zio 10-10

Possessed Zio 10-10 In Epic Seven

Zio is a Dark element Mage-type character of five-star rarity. His Imprint Release is Attack and Imprint Concentration is effectiveness. You can obtain him using Moonlight Summon. Let Me destroy You, Supreme Authority, and Bow Down Before Me are his skills.

He is one of the toughest bosses to beat in the game. Because of its Mage skills like Let Me Destroy You, which lets him acquire 1 soul and increases the caster’s Combat Readiness by 50 percent when the enemy is defeated. Its second skill Combat Authority lets him increase Combat Readiness by 20% at the start of the first battle. Bow Down Before Me dispells two buffs and increases Combat Readiness by 40%. Also, grants deify for 3 turns, penetrate the target’s defense by 100 percent, and acquires three souls.

Darkness-possessed Zio is immune to Stun, Provoke, Poison, Silence, Redirected Provoke, and Sleep. So going for a team that mainly relies on those skills is useless. Soul burn, dual attacks, and counterattacks are rather effective on him. Darkness-infused Mana Lamp will give 3 souls to the enemy, due to which characters that do AOE are better suited against him.

Emilia, Adventurer Ras, Mercedes, and Rem are the recommended team composition to defeat the boss. You can also use Auxiliary Lots and Iseria if you don’t have Emilia. And if you possess none of them, then go for Green Leo. It is also a better choice to keep Sigret on your team. Seaside Bellona and Senya are also a good choice for a fight, as they possess counterattack and soul-burning skills or abilities.

Here is everything you need to do to beat Darkness Possessed Zio of Episode 4 10-10 in Epic Seven. Also, check out the best stages to farm EXP and how to level up heroes fast in E7.