How To Become Pilot in BitLife?

Here's a carefully compiled guide describing the journey of a career as a pilot in BitLife.

If you are an avid BitLife player then you must be mindful of the endless range of activities to be performed in this fun and addictive real-life simulator game. Right from your birth till your death, you are offered tons of opportunities thereby making the game quite fascinating to play. Developers regularly keep bringing new features via frequent updates including amazing career prospects for you to take full advantage of.

Careers In BitLife

As discussed above, BitLife offers a bunch of career options for you to pursue. You can take up a career as a dentist, be a wonderful chef in a hotel, become a social media celebrity, opt for farming and you can even become a President or Prime Minister. In essence, this game allows you to become anything you desire.

You are also allowed to become a Pilot if your goal is to fly higher and touch the sky. But, many players across various online platforms have raised many queries concerning how to become a Pilot in Bitlife. If you are also oblivious regarding the same then leave all your worries to us. Without further ado let’s jump to the tutorial.

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How To Become Pilot in BitLife?

It looks like, BitLife isn’t anything but real life. We all know how troublesome it is to pursue a career as a Pilot in real life, the same is the scenario in BitLife as well. Hence if you are sailing the same ship then this guide is worth the read.

This exciting job helps you to fly around the world and take travelers to exotic and international destinations. Since becoming a Pilot is a highly respected and esteemed career that can be pursued, it is expected to take some time. There are certain things to be considered when you opt for Pilot as a profession. What are these things? and how to abide by them? Everything is explained further in the article in three phases.

High School Phases

The first and foremost prerequisite is that you obtain a Pilot license. It is strongly recommended that you keep your level of smartness extremely high since this is the most essential attribute that’ll help you get the Pilot license.

To level up your smartness you must study hard, each year spend a maximum of your time reading books and claim the top positions in the school. This will increase your chance of getting applications accepted by a reputed university.

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Graduation Phase

After finishing High School your college journey will start. To enroll in any university, you are prompted to pick either Psychology or Biology, any one of these two is eligible for pursuing a career in Pilot. In college too you are supposed to study hard, read a lot and give your best just like you did in High School. Keep up with maintaining your smartness stats until you graduate and later move forward by applying to a Medical school.

Medical School PhaseHow-To-Become-Pilot-in-BitLife

You will spend a couple of upcoming years of life in Medical School whilst you have to continue to do the same things, study hard, read abundantly and maintain top positions.
You have to be very cautious of your actions and behaviors and must avoid creating any trouble that may lead you to prison. This may hamper your career and ultimately your dream to become a Pilot. Once you have achieved your degree next step is to get the Pilot’s license.

How To Obtain Pilot’s License In BitLife?

Navigate to the activities section in the game and search for sign-up for the pilot’s school option. After signing up, you have to attend the program for at least 40 hours. After attending the lecture, you will have to pass the Pilot’s exam. All the plausible questions with answers are listed below.

  1. What is the name of this flap on the horizontal stabilizer?
  2. What is the name of this flap on the vertical stabilizer?
  3. What is the force that counteracts the thrust force for flight?
  4. What is the force that counteracts the drag force for flight?
  5. What is the term for the rotational movement of the nose of the plane?
  6. What is the nickname for the six basic aircraft instruments?
    The Six Pack
  7. What’s the name of the pilot’s are on the plane?
  8. What does the airfield landing marker of a red background, with a yellow line going from the right corner to bottom left?
    Land Cautiously
  9. What is the airfield landing marker of a red background and yellow cross?
    Landing prohibited
  10. What is the airfield landing marker of a red background with two yellow lines down the middle?
    Emergency Landing Only
  11. What is the aircraft marshal signal of crossing signals above their head?
  12. What is the aircraft marshal signal of right hand straight, left hand moving up?
    Turn left
  13. What is the aircraft marshal signal of two hands up straight?
    Continue straight
  14. What is the name of this pitot-static instrument that has vertical speed at the center?Vertical speed indicator (VSI)
  15. What is the name of this pitot-static instrument that has ALT at the center?
  16. What is the name of this gyroscopic instrument with an airplane in the center, with a L on the left and an R on the right?
  17. Lean indicator
  18. What is the name of this gyroscopic instrument with the outline of an airplane at the center?
    Heading indicator

How-To-Become-Pilot-in-BitLifeOnce you clear the exam you will be honored with the Pilot’s license. Now with your degree and license, you have fulfilled all the requirements for job qualification. Now start searching for the Pilot’s job amongst the job list placed just below the occupation. Pilot Job is listed as a Pilot Trainee so while surfing the job make sure you look for Pilot Trainee as a job title.

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Bonus Tip

After bagging your dream job make sure to build a great relationship with your boss, impress the superiors, work harder, balance your life, and do not create any fuss or issues with your colleagues. This will improve your chances of progressing in the career as an Airline Captain.

The guide on how to become Pilot in BitLife concludes here. If you follow this guide then no one in the world can refrain you from becoming a Pilot in BitLife.