DBD Red Envelope – The Guilded Stampede Lunar Event 2022

This article outlines the start date, end date and other details of the most awaited DBD's Guilded Stampede Lunar Event.

The horror-action multiplayer Dead By Daylight aka DBD is centered upon a merciless killer chasing down 4 survivors who are on a spree to escape gruesome death. Like every year, Dead By Daylight this year also hosted Lunar Event which is currently live. The event kickstarted the strings of experiences lined up for the whole year and also launched new themed cosmetics and several other items.

At present, the event is live promising extra rewards, fresh collections, and fantastic discount deals, and will conclude on 25th February 2022. In this event, you’ll experience and witness many things in the game including DBD Red Envelope.

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You will discover a fog adorned with vibrant lanterns and flaunting a decent number of fireworks. The lobby, generators, and hooks are even more festive, whilst the Chinese Firecracker Item and the Red Envelope Offering both make a comeback.

The Lunar Event has also granted the Dead By Daylight survivors with a brand-new Festive Toolbox item, packed with “to the brim with fireworks” and “prepared to celebrate all your life’s successes… and failures.”

The event is live if you log in regularly. You will earn 50,000 Bloodpoints per day, which guarantees you will be 700,000 Bloodpoints wealthier by the time it concludes. Promo codes will be circulated through social networks and in-game updates for the following products in the Gilded Stampede Collection:

  • Lunar Ox (Universal Charm)
  • Gilded Locks (Head) – Zarina Kassir
  • Scarlet Edge (Weapon) – The Spirit
  • Shimmering Ox (Torso) – Adam Francis

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The Wraith’s The Golden Ox and The Deathslinger’s The Oxen Bounty costumes are accessible in the in-game shop. In comparison, there is a hefty discount of 30% on the Moonrise and Scarlet Swarm collections between February 12 and February 18. Here is a rundown of their prices:

  • Feng Min’s Spring Festival Outfit: 840 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • Ace Visconti’s Seasoned Gambler Outfit: 840 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • The Huntress’ Brave Beast Outfit: 840 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • Jeff Johansen’s New Year Showgoer Outfit: 960 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • The Legion’s New Year Shoplifter Outfit: 960 AC (was 1200 AC)

The previous year, the creators announced that it would modify its strategy to the Dead by Daylight celebration, with more focus on those marking the game’s Anniversary and Halloween.

True to his words, there are many changes introduced in the event and the best one being DBD red envelope.

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