Valheim Armor Guide: Best Weapons To Use Against Bosses

Looking for the best Armors & weapons in Valheim? Check this article to get them all.

Valheim weapons help in getting the best buffs possible for you in the game. Since the game’s concept is that of “a brutal exploration and survival game” and lives up to its description, It becomes quite important to have the best weapons and armor in Valheim.

In a region where danger lurks at every corner, only potions and meads will not be of much help. You will need the best of gears to defend yourself during boss fights. Here is a list of all weapons that you must have in Valheim.

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Best Valheim Weapon Guide

To survive and win in the long and daunting journey we have understood how important it is to be properly equipped now without any further delay lets dive into how you can receive the best of armor and weapons in the Valheim.

Best Valheim Armors and Weapons

Having a little extra protection in the game becomes quite helpful especially in battles. Not only this the Valheim Wolf Armor will help you survive the freezing cold. For this, you will need to acquire silver, acquiring it will help you unlock the recipe for Wolf Armor.

Valheim Wolf Armour

  • How To Craft Valheim Wolf Armour Chest: 20 Silver, 5 Wolf Pelt, 1 Chain.
  • How To Craft Valheim Wolf Armour Legs: 20 Silver, 5 Pelt, 4 Wolf Fangs.

NOTE: You can acquire silver is by mining. The second way for acquiring silver is by beating the third boss in this biome.

All Best Valheim Weapons To Beat Bosses

During the game, you will have to charge into battle headfirst which leads to the importance of having a durable weapon. Having a weapon that can withstand the demands of a great fight will be to your advantage.

1. Abyssal Harpoon

  • How To Craft Abyssal Harpoon: Fine Wood x2, Chiten x30, and Leather Scraps x 3
  • Stats: Pierce: 10, Durability: 50, Block Power: 10, Parry Bonus: 2x and Movement Speed: -5%

2. Iron Longsword

  • How To Craft Iron Longsword: Wood x 2 and Iron x 25
  • Stats: Slash: 30, Chop: 5, and Block: 75% / Max 20 dmg

3. Iron Sledgehammer

  • How To Craft Iron Sledgehammer: Ancient Wood x10, and Elite Draugr Trophy x1
  • Stats: Iron Sledgehammer stats will be updated soon

4. Bronze sword

  • How To Craft Bronze Sword: Wood x2, Copper x15, and Tin x 4
  • Stats: Slash: 25, Chop: 5, and Block: 75% / Max 20 dmg

5. Abyssal Razor

  • How To Craft Abyssal Razor: Fine Wood x4, Chiten x20, and Leather Scraps x 2
  • Stats: Pierce: 12, Slash: 12 , Durability: 100, Block Power: 10, Parry Bonus: 4x, Parry Force: 10, Knockback: 10, and Backstab: 10x.

This Valheim Guide is meant for the purpose to help players in situations where they will need to be equipped heavily to get them out of tough battles. Nothing can go wrong with little extra efforts and proper equipment when trying to survive when facing enemies with more power and stats. Hope you liked our article on Best Valheim Armors and Weapons. While here you may also like our guide on Valheim Graphics Settings.