Best Mods In Melon Playground To Play Now

Here is a list of the best mods players can add in Melon Playground.

There are so many objects that players can build in this game, some of which are hard or time-consuming to make, so gamers opt for user-created modifications and add-ons. But with so many sites providing hundreds of mods, it becomes hard to choose a few. Therefore read this guide on Melon Playground best mods to speed up your search.

Even though most mods are safe, some can infect your system or worse. Therefore take all security measures. And if possible, avoid downloading it when your system finds it malicious.

 List of Best Mods for Melon Playground

Mods For Melon Playground

  • TBMP T15 Armata
  • A Small Pack of Magic Swords
  • Weapons Pack by Cosmocato
  • PPG + Quickness

TBMP T15 Armata

Were you looking for robust and smooth working tanks in the game? If yes, then this heavy infantry military vehicle equipped with a rocket launcher and machine gun is made for you. It can hold up to 3 characters inside. Plus, it can ride both back and forth.

A Small Pack of Magic Swords

Are you a fan of fantasy and love collecting magical items? Then this pack of beautiful and mythical-looking swords is perfect for you. The pack contains three swords: Holy Sword, Fire Sword, and The Sword of Darkness. Some of these swords are capable of shooting. Therefore perfect for RPs.

Weapons Pack by Cosmocato

This is among the best weapon packs you would find today, as it contains ten different styles of weapons. Suitable for various shooting and action RPs. But the sound feature has not yet been added to it.

PPG + Quickness Mod of Melon Playground

Do you wish to build vehicles but are short on parts? Then this mod is what you need. It contains fourteen vehicles with separate parts. This includes vehicles of different colors, sizes, and shapes. From trucks to cars, it covers all.

That’s all about the best Melon Playground Mods. We will keep this list updated for future changes and better Mods, so bookmark this tab. And while you are here, read how to make a car, select multiple objects, and more from GamesAdda.