Melon Playground How To Make A Car

Here are all the steps to build a car in Melon Playground.

Are you planning to build or make a car in Melon Playground? But have little to no data on how to start and finish it. No worries, as we have done all the research and created this article to guide you step by step on how to build a vehicle. Without further delay, let us now learn about the building process.

How to Build a Car in Melon Playground

Design Car In Melon Playground

  • Launch your game and go to the ground.
  • Scroll right and select Mechanics. It looks like a steering wheel.
  • Choose and drag the Motorized Wheel on the playground. Resize it to make the tire big by holding on to the Motorized Wheel or double tapping and selecting Resize.
  • Once you are done with resizing, press Stop Resizing, and then choose Freeze so that it doesn’t move by mistake.
  • Go to Mechanics again, scroll down and select Wheel, place it on the ground.
  • Take a Metal Rod from the Mechanics section and place it horizontally on the Wheel. Resize it to fit the Wheel. Add connecting rod to join the Motorized Wheel and Wheel. Connecting rod is highlighted in the above image.
  • Unfreeze Motorized Wheel to see if it is working correctly.
  • Make framework using Metal Rod and place Chair. Then fix chairs to the car frame with connecting rods.
  • Use other items that will make it look like a car. Once you are done with the decoration, place a Living in Car.
  • Double tap or hold Living’s head to see commands. Choose to Sit and place Livings on the chairs.
  • Then use connecting rods to fix them on the seat.
  • Connect the driver character’s hand to the steering using connecting rods.
  • Move the car to see how it is working. This article is based on a YouTube video of PEOPLE SANDBOX. And below is a link to the video. In case you found something hard to understand. Refer to this for more details.

Hopefully, this guide about how to build or make a car in Melon Playground was helpful to you. If it was, check out our other guides, such as how to make Living walk and equip items in MP.