Melon Playground How To Hold Items

Follow these steps to hold items in Melon Playground.

Are you looking for a way to equip or hold items like Guns in Melon Playground, but having a hard time understanding controls? The game itself is easy, but controls can be rigid and follow the sequence of commands. Therefore read this guide and replicate the steps to pick any item from the ground or table.

How to Hold Items Like Guns in Melon Playground

Equip Gun In Melon Playground

To hold your items in Melon Playground you only need to stretch your character’s hands towards the object and press the left power symbol button. If you are looking for more detailed steps, then keep reading this guide.

  • Launch your game and come to the playground.
  • First you need to place your Living on the ground. To do that, go to the Menu and choose the Living section.
  • Now select any Living you have, such as Corn, Apple, and Melon. And drag them to the ground. Next, choose and drag an item from the Explosives, Firearms, and other sections.
  • Make sure that the angle of the item and your player’s position are aligned. For example, if your Melon faces the right side, your item’s handle should be in front of it and not opposite.
  • Now hold and drag one hand near the object and press the bottom left side power symbol button to equip items in Melon Playground.

How to Equip a Gun

First place your character on the playground and then the Gun you want it to hold. You can hold two guns at a time. So place two Guns on the ground and follow the last step from above. But remember if your player faces right your Guns handle should be on left and vice versa. Repeat the steps for both hands to hold two weapons.

That’s all players need to do to equip and hold items like Gun in Melon Playground. Hopefully, this step-by-step guide was helpful for you. If it was, then don’t forget to check out our gaming guides on GamesAdda.