How To Beat Abyss 85 In Epic Seven

Here is how to clear Abyss 85F in Epic Seven.

Epic Seven is an RPG game with action and adventure. It has many challenging locations apart from the main storyline. Such as Automation Tower, Expedition, Guild War, Arena & World Arena, and Abyss. The Abyss is this world’s deepest and most dangerous part. There is more than 100 Abyss in the game. And all of them reward you with the best resources. And here is how to beat Abyss floor 85 in Epic Seven.

Epic Seven: How to Beat Abyss Floor 85

Beat Abyss 85 Epic Seven

You face Dark Corvus in Abyss floor 85. It is a unique enemy that is immune to HP-based damages. Due to this, Daydream Joker with Sigret is not much help at this level, and neither is Poison attacks, as it is immune to it too. One of his skills, Ruin’s Advent, can increase his attack by 50 percent after 10 turns and 1000 Percent after 20 turns. Your team will wipe out after 20 turns. You should select DPS heroes or characters that rely heavily on attacks, mostly dual attacks so that you beat it by 20 turns.

Yellow and Purple Crystals are strong enemies, so you can opt to ignore them and directly aim your full power on defeating the boss. That way, you will be able to defeat it before 15 and 20 turns. But that would require you to have at least one healer to not die before killing it. It is not very strong if you target him from this approach. Defense Break and Attack Buff are recommended abilities for this method.

The second method requires you to kill Crystal with CR manipulators and Speed debuff characters. DPS characters are also highly recommended here. Now let us talk about the best heroes to send in this mission.

According to current Success rate rankings for 85F in STOVE Community. Tamarinne has a 42.6 percent chance, Angelica has a 31.6 percent chance, Seaside Bellona has 28.3, Sigret has 26.9, and Adventurer Ras has a 23.6 percent success chance. So the best team composition would be Tamarinne, Angelica, Sigret, and Seaside Bellona. But if you don’t have all of them, you can use Adventurer Ras, Iseria, Tamarinne, and Specter Tenebria.

That’s all you need to know and do to beat Abyss floor 85 in Epic Seven. If you found this article helpful. Then check out how to beat Ervalen and the best build for Sigret.