How To Beat 1-10 Ervalen In Epic Seven

This is how you can defeat Ervalen in E7.

E7 is an RPG game with adventure and action elements. It has more than 100 characters as of now. And most of them are unlocked through some summoning. The game is divided into several Episodes, Chapters, and Acts. Here we will talk about one of those Chapters 1-10 of Episode 3. To clean this stage you will have to beat Ervalen 1-10 in Epic Seven.

Epic Seven: How to Beat 1-10 Ervalen

Beat 1-10 Ervalen In Epic Seven E7

Ervalen is a son of Tarman and Camellia. He trusts Benevolent Romann and Ambitious Tywin. And holds a grudge against Romann and Tywin. He is an Earth-element character, his Zodiac sign is Scorpio, and he belongs to the Thief class. Due to this, he mostly casts Stealth at the end of the turn. He can also dispells rebuffs and takes an extra turn of 40% threshold at the beginning. Before jumping to team composition and other aspects, let’s first learn about the enemy’s skill.

Vengeance, Sword of Hatred, and Heir to the Throne are his skills. Vengeance inflicts rapid attacks with a 35 percent chance to decrease defense for 2 turns. Sword of Hatred will repeatedly attack you and grant immunity for 1 turn to the Ervalen. And if your max health is greater than his, his Combat Readiness will increase to a max of 30 percent. The heir to the Throne will attack you with a sword and grant him a barrier for 2 turns. And if your max health is greater than his, it will deliver more damage.

You should mainly focus on healer and AOE characters. Kayron, Angelica, Champion Zerato, Baal & Sezan, Cermia, Iseria, Challenger Dominiel, Celine, Adventurer Ras, and Ken are the best heroes to use against the Ervalen. And it is believed that inflicting debuffs on him will slow him down. He is weak against buff strips and has low defense.

This is all you need to know to beat Ervalen in Epic Seven. Wondering how to defeat Zio and how to Sigret in E7.