5 Best Android Local Multiplayer Games (November 2022)

These are some of the best local multiplayer games that you can enjoy on your Android device

Gaming is more fun when you have someone to share the  experience with. This is why multiplayer games have garnered massive popularity with the gaming community. Keeping that in mind, today we have decided to list the best Android Local Multiplayer games that you should definitely try out with friends. While some of these games are competitive, others are good for just chilling out. So, without any further delay, let us dive into the list.

The Best Android Local Multiplayer Games

1. Minecraft


Minecraft is a phenomenon that defies explanation. It broke into the gaming landscape and changed the rules of the game. With its choppy graphics and simplistic gameplay, it might be difficult for those on the outside to understand the hype. However, players have come to love the game as it has something for everyone. Feeling like taking up a challenge? Fight monsters. In the mood for building? Craft the perfect Cottagecore House to relax in. Up for an adventure? Explore the wide worlds across platforms to gather resources. Like we said something for everyone.

The game has both single and multiplayer options. In addition, Minecraft supports cross-platform play so players can enjoy the game with their friends without worry. Overall, Minecraft is one of the quality Android Local Multiplayer games that you definitely need to check out.

2. Among Us


Another massive hit with no high end requirements, Among Us made a big splash in 2020. It was a simple game that could be played on any mobile device. However, the concept of the game was gripping enough that the game did not need much more to appeal to players. Played with five to ten players, Among Us is the story of a crew on a spaceship.

Unknown to the rest of the crew members, one or more of their crew mates are the Imposter. The Imposter tries to kill everybody on the ship before the other crew members sus out their identity. Meanwhile, the crew members meet and vote on who they think is the Imposter after every kill. Players can also call a meeting if they have a suspicion about who the imposter is. If majority of people agree on a single player, that player is booted out of the ship. It is then revealed whether the other crew members were right or wrong. Players have spent countless hours since its release trying to figure out the Imposter in each game. This Android Local Multiplayer game can be played online as well as in local multiplayer.

3. Gunstar Heroes


Gunstar Heroes is basically quite self explanatory in its title. It is a game where players need fight bad guys, beat levels and be the gun slinging heroes of the day. The game can have some performance issues but it holds up quite well for a retro game. It might be the weakest in terms of graphics but players must take into consideration how old this game is. This game definitely revives the nostalgia of arcade gaming as players team up to finish the challenging levels together or go it as a lone ranger. Fans of Contra will definitely love this run-and-gun shooter game. On the downside, the game is quite short. Players with a bit of experience might wrap up the game too quickly for their liking. The game was originally released in 1993 and it is a testament to its popularity that Gunstar Heroes is still going strong.

4. Badland


Badland has been around for quite some time now. However, it is still quite popular with the gaming community. This is owing to its unique art style and endless amount of content. It has some stunningly creative levels that can throw the players for a loop. Players must fly and survive each stage in a beautiful but dangerous world. It offers a local multiplayer option for up to 4 players as well as a single player mode. In this game, players can co-op with their friends or even challenge them using the stage editor. It is a fun and easy game that can be enjoyed by players of any experience level. Overall, Badland is definitely one of the best Android Local Multiplayer games out there.

5. Crossy Road


This is another one of the simplistic yet endlessly fun games that just hook the audience. It doesn’t have much in the way of graphics but relies more on nostalgia. It is very similar to the arcade games where players spent hours on a simple yet addictive game. For this game, players need to help a chicken cross roads and rivers till they are eventually overcome from an obstacle. If a player is good, this game can actually continue for hours. However, players might get bored after helping the chicken jump on a log to cross the river for the hundredth time. It is easy enough that anyone can grasp this game with ease and complicated enough to keep them coming back for another try. Each player would need their own device to play the game. While Crossy Road does have some in-game purchases but they do not interrupt the free gameplay at all. Players can totally get by playing the game for free. The purchases are mostly for unlocking new characters in the game.

These are some of the best Android Local Multiplayer games that you need to try out with your friends. If you’d like to give farming a try instead, here are Top 5 Best Farming Games For Android.