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Top 5 Best Farming Games For Android (November 2022)

What are the best farming games to play on smartphone?

Do you like gardening or Framing and wish to have a small farm of yours? But, it isn’t possible to farm and run a small business at the same time in real life. Isn’t it? So, here are some of the best farming games for your android smartphone where you can make your virtual farm, plant crops, harvest them, and also use them to get products out of them.

Here are some of the best farming games that will let you play with your imagination and decorate your own virtual farm. So, scroll down and get started with it!

Best Farming Games To Play On Android (November 2022)

1. Stardew Valley

best farming games android

Stardew Valley is a cute farming simulation game where your character starts from his grandfather’s farm. He has several pieces of land that he first needs to work on and clear them to use for farming. Once you clear the farmland, can sow some crops and harvest them from time to time. Along with farming enjoy some side activities like cooking, fishing, crafting, and exploring to have the best time in Stardew Valley.

2. Hay Day

best farming games android

Start the game by taking over your uncle’s farm in the game who is not keeping well. The scarecrow in the game will give you a quick tour of the farm and help you with all the things. Learn all the farming procedures, be friends with the neighborhood and participate in the fun activities. Harvest the crops and sell them in the in-game market to earn points and level up in the game.

3. Township

best farming games android

Township is one of the best farming games that anyone will surely fall in love with. Here you not only get to farm crops but also get to look after cute pets. Harvest the crops, prepare food for your pets and get all the nice produce like milk, eggs, and many more things. Do the farming of various crops and veggies and use them to make products and grow your town. In Township, you get daily orders that you have to fulfill and deliver by train, plane, and other means to get points and EXP that will help you expand and decorate your town.

4. Farmville 2: Country Escape

best farming games android

FarmVille 2 is a fun agriculture simulation game like any other framing game. This is one of the best farming games for android with the best graphics and gameplay. It has several crops and animals that will keep one entertained throughout your time here. Go to the farm, collect rare goods, find new recipes and enjoy your escape to the countryside on your smartphone.

5. WeFarm

best farming games android

This game is similar to Stardew  Valley but with better graphics and a variety of crops and pets. Farmville 2 has very cute little pets and crops that make players get the best farming experience of all time. Do the farming, fishing, selling, and other activities and earn points in your virtual farmland.

That’s all about best farming games for android. While you are here click on the link and check out some of the best arcade games to play in your pastime.