10 Minecraft Cottagecore House Ideas To Get You Inspired In 2022

Players can take time out from defeating monsters to build the perfect cottagecore house in Minecraft

Minecraft is a wildly popular game that came out in 2011. One of the features that make this game a huge hit with the fans is its free-to-build mechanics. Players can just take time out from defeating monsters and build the perfect cottagecore house in Minecraft. In fact, players can just retire from exploring the threatening lands and live peacefully in a farmhouse. A lot of Minecraft players have come up with the most gorgeous Minecraft Cottagecore house ideas over time. We believe that you should take a look and get inspired.

Awesome Minecraft Cottagecore House Ideas

1. Survival Cottage

Minecraft Cottagecore house

Build the perfect Cottagecore survival base that has all your survival basics. From a crafting station to storage space, and, farms to grow your crops, this Cottagecore house has everything you will need during your time in Minecraft. For style inspirations, check out the gorgeous survival base designed by PlatinumThief.

2. Hobbit Hole

Minecraft Cottagecore House 1


“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.” Pay homage to the Lord Of The Rings with this inspired Cottagecore Hobbit house designed by Typface in Minecraft.

3. Fairy Fantasy

Minecraft Cottagecore House 2

This Fairy Fantasy Cottagecore house comes courtesy of Kelpie The Fox and is built entirely from what’s available when players first spawn in the game. It is simple, elegant, and has a cute puppy to boot. What more could you want from your fairy fantasy?

4. Mountain Mansion

Minecraft Cottagecore House 3

Feel the mountains calling your name? Excited to get ahead on the white Christmas home? Get into the feels of winter with this Cottagecore Mountain House designed by Tootsie in Minecraft.

5. Boat House

Minecraft Cottagecore House 4

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a water body then this Cottagecore boat house is the perfect Minecraft home for you. Filled with all your basic survival needs, this house is the perfect combination of aesthetic pleasure and necessary functionality. The house above was built by Sv Gravity.

6. House In The Woods

Minecraft Cottagecore house 5

Go big or go home, right? Get inspired by this humungous house that is every Cottagecore aesthetic lover’s dream. It’s grand, functional, and surrounded by gorgeous woods. A perfect place to retire after a day of exploring dangerous lands. The house above has been designed by SugarBoo.

7. Cozy Underground

Minecraft Cottagecore House 6

Bring the cozy, warm feeling to the underground with this Cottagecore house designed by Blisschen. The warm light is reminiscent of fireplaces and all you need is a blanket to curl up with to get the holiday feeling going. This is the sort of place that reminds you of grandma’s home.

8. Mushroom Magic

Minecraft Cottagecore House 7

Dad’s Guide knocked it out of the park with this magic mushroom house. This house is the perfect addition to any Cottagecore enthusiast’s arsenal.

9. Bee Farm

Minecraft Cottagecore house 8

Bees are pretty useful to have around your house. They don’t just add to the aesthetic appeal, crops also grow faster when fully fed bees fly above them. Build this gorgeous Bee farm and have some company around your farm. Yoogolra is the one behind the stunning Bee farm depicted above.

10. English Cottage

Minecraft Cottagecore house 9

Fulfill your dreams of a white-picket-fence house with this quaint little English Cottage. It is the perfect addition to Minecraft Cottagecore House ideas and positively vibrates nostalgia. This English Cottage has been designed by Kelpie The Fox.

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