AC Valhalla Where The Stone Falls Walkthrough – A Complete Guide

Find out who should be ealdorman in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Where The Stone Falls quest.

Whilst playing AC Valhalla Where The Stone Falls quest, it may happen you get confused in figuring who to vote as ealdorman amongst the 3 highly potent candidates each with special characteristics. Hence, choosing one is far from easy and quite a daunting task.

AC Valhalla Where The Stone Falls Walkthrough

AC Valhalla Where The Stone Falls mission is a part of the Lincolnscire plotline. This quest prompts you to help find the best ealdorman simply by voting for any of the following three candidates,

  1. Aelfgar
  2. Hunwald
  3. Bishop Herefrith

The main concern, however, is who to vote for? It’s essential that you get it correct because your option would have a big influence on the Where The Stone Falls story. This is why we’re here to help you. Before getting started, know that the reward for completing this task is 3400 XP.

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Speak With Acha

  • To initiate a conversation with Acha you are supposed to visit the Lincoln market. The woman will tell Eivor that the council will quickly start and ask him to join them.AC Valhalla Where The Stone Falls
  • Twelve approved lords of Lincolnshire have already been elected, but no leaders have been chosen. Each nominee secured four votes, which implies that Eivor will be a tiebreaker and his vote will lay down the final decision.AC-Valhalla-Where-The-Stone-Falls
  • In case you find yourself a little lost, you can seek additional information about the candidates from the people in the Hall. This will give you an idea about each candidate thereby speeding up your decision.AC-Valhalla-Where-The-Stone-Falls
  • When you’re prepared, head over to the table with the paper rolls on it. While picking the next Lincolnshire ealdorman, reckon hard since your vote may have certain repercussions.AC-Valhalla-Where-The-Stone-Falls

1. Aelfgar

If you pick him, Herefrith and her forces will strike the meeting space and expose himself as a member of the Ancient Order. Amidst his anxiety, Hunwald will decide to help Aelfgar to prevent the bishop. When the bishop is beaten, Aelfgar will declare that from then on you will have a friend in him. Hunwald and his Swan will enter the Raven Harbor’s settlement.

2. Hunwald

When you advocate for a younger Hunwald, the Bishop, with his allied troops, will strike the meeting hall and expose himself as a member of the Ancient Order. Hunwald will demand Eivor to arrange a location for his fiancée in Raven Harbour. This way you are bound to have an ally with Lincolnshire.

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3. Bishop Herefrith

When you end up voting for Bishop Herefrith, the Lincolnscire story arc will conclude instantly. Your chances to go on A Sword-Shower in Anecastre quest vanishes too. Herefrith will propose you an association, and his actual self will be unveiled later on. Hunwald will be staying with his Swan in the Norman settlement of Brimsgy.

Eliminate Herefrith GuardsAC-Valhalla-Where-The-Stone-Falls

If you haven’t selected Herefrith as your upcoming ealdorman, he’ll invite his troops and destroy the meeting room You must assassinate all enemy guards. After a quick cutscene, the quest will terminate and you will score 1,700 XP as a prize.