How To Get The Gas Grenade In Call Of Duty: Mobile?

Gas Grenades are the best way to keep your enemies off track in CODM. Keep reading to unlock this latest tactical weapon.

Call Of Duty: Mobile definitely makes it to the list of the highly popular battle game as it offers a realistic and visually appealing graphic layout without any lags and not to forget its seamless gameplay allowing you to enjoy the fight without any unwanted and annoying interruption.

Since the gameplay is less chit-chat and more fighting, the Royal War allows you to play in the roles of highly qualified and armed commandos using traditional weapons. Be it leaping to take over or shooting assault rifles, CODM certainly places you straight in the futuristic warships.

Call Of Duty: Mobile features a host of weapon arsenals that you can use to survive the battlefield. And the latest addition to the arsenal is tactical equipment gas grenade. Hence, this article is crafted to enlighten you about the new weaponry and also to explain, how to get the gas grenade in Call of Duty: Mobile? So, without any further ado, let’s stay anchored till the end.

What Is Gas Grenade?How-To-Get-The-Gas-Grenade-In-Call-Of-Duty-Mobile

Gas grenades are the latest deadliest weapon introduced in the game and are designed to cause major harm to your opponents. It blows up when collided with a surface and emits tear gas. This triggers deceleration, blurred vision, and coughing to any foe trapped in its radius.

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How To Get The Gas Grenade In Call Of Duty: Mobile?

Presently, CODM’s Deadly Mist seasonal event is live and is allowing all the players to unlock the gas grenade for free. So, how can you miss a chance to get your hands on it? Hence, make sure you grab gas grenades before season 1 ends, which is scheduled to be concluded on 9th March 2021.

To unlock gas grenades, you are required to perform certain activities throughout the seasonal event. With the completion of each task, you will unlock the higher stages in the event promising exciting prizes. Upon finishing stage 4, gas grenades get unlocked.

Stage 1

Task: Make sure you toss any military gear 8 times in multiplayer modes.

Reward: 200 Credits & 1,000 battle pass XP.

Stage 2

Task: Drop a cryo bomb five times in multiplayer games.

Tip: If you don’t have a cryo bomb available, you can purchase it from the credit store for 2,000 credits.

Reward: Smoke Grenade with Warp camo & 2,000 battle pass XP.

Stage 3

Task: Destroy 30 enemies in multiplayer modes using Tactician perk equipped.

Tip: The Tactician perk is right now available in the credit store for 2,000 credits.

Reward: 10 weapon XP cards & 3,000 battle pass XP

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Stage 4

Task: Break enemy’s scorestreak three times using EMP.

Reward: Gas Grenade & 5,000 battle pass XP.

Stage 5

Task: Throw Gas Grenade 10 times in multiplayer game modes.

Reward: Calling card with Dystopia on TV design & 6,000 battle pass XP.

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