How To Get Territory Locker In Garena Undawn

The Territory Locker in Undawn will help secure your Homestead Territory. Here is how you get it.

In Undawn you must get a Territory Locker as it is a mark of the territories protection from the Zombies and other enemies. Your Homestead is the safest place where you can be in this apocalypse. But having the locker as well makes the area around your Homestead safer. Placing the Territory locker is important as you can upgrade your Homestead to level 3 once you get it. Here is how you can get it.

How to Get Territory Locker in Undawn

get territory locker in undawn

You require 400 pieces of wood and 200 stones to complete the construction of the Territory Locker in Undawn. When you complete the Main Mission of gathering all the resources, the Territory Locker mission will unlock.

  1. Once you complete the Main Mission return to your Homestead base and go to the menu.
  2. You will find the Territory Locker in the menu.
  3. Once you find it, you have to go to the middle of your stead and press the Place button to place the locker in there.
  4. Select it and place it inside your Homestead on the floor.

Now your area is secure and protected. However, gathering the resources prior to it is not as easy as it looks. You can also take help from here to complete the Main Mission in the following steps –

  • Go to the Redwood Outpost Signal Tower.
  • Hunt for Tattered Animal Hide, 10 of them.
  • Cut trees in the forest for 10 Cedar bark.
  • Gather 10 Common Flax Seeds.

Once you meet this requirement, and complete the Main Mission your Territory Locker mission will start. After that is done and you have the Locker, you have to go and talk to Alexei, to upgrade your Homestead to level 3.

This was how easy it was to get a Territory Locker for your Homestead in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to get Guitar emote in Undawn.