Undawn: How To Get Guitar Emote

Who said there can't be any entertainment in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? Now get a guitar in Undawn with the help of this guide.

You can not only get a guitar but also other instruments like a piano in Undawn. These are emotes, that once obtained can be used through the emote section. However, getting your hands on them may require you to complete some missions or tasks. Here is how you can do it.

How to Get Guitar Emote in Undawn

get a guitar in undawn

When you go to the main mission section, you will unlock the Music Maestro tutorial mission. By completing this mission, you will get your hands on a guitar in Undawn.

  • You will then have to teleport or go to the Raven’s Shelter to start this mission. There will be a stall with a couple of NPCs standing near it. You have to interact with Eric who will give you a letter. The letter will remind you of the good old days when Raven Town would play music and enjoy with the rest of the community. It is an invitation to come to be a part of the little musical gathering.
  • Then you have to talk to Amelia, who will be right there near the stall with the other NPCs as Eric. You can then keep roaming around and ask NPCs like Linda about the mission. Interact with every NPC possible.  The game will pop up a dialogue box, over NPCs to navigate you too.
  • After interacting with certain people you will finally enter a lane where you will see a couple of people standing there watching something. Walk towards them and stand along with them.
  • Then a short cut scene will show you a band performing on the stage and the lead is playing the Guitar. The guitarist’s name is Sherry and you have to interact with her after the performance. She will lend you her guitar and then you have to perform on the stage. You can also choose the piano on the stage and equip both instruments.
  • After performing and playing the notes as directed by the game you will be able to get the Guitar Emote in your emote section.

This was how you could get not only the guitar but also the piano in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to earn Gold in Undawn.