War Chest In Free Fire OB26 Update- Everything You Need To Know

THE new OB26 version of Free Fire features a War Chest for players to collect loot easily. Keep reading for more details on it.

Free Fire is one of Garena’s popular survival battle games and has gathered a large base of players from all over the globe. It has established its imprint in the royal battle genre. Its success is contributed to the Garena developers’ consistent endeavors such as collabs with leading celebs/producers, crossover events such as the latest one-punch man and upcoming Attack on Titan, frequent updates introducing new exclusive elements, graphical improvements, and much more.

The fresh OB26 update has already hit the servers on February 4 and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Players can earn 2x Diamond Royale Voucher and 2x Weapon Royale Voucher by upgrading the app. The prizes can be claimed from the in-game event segment.

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The creators have added several additional attributes, one being the War Chest. The introduction of the war chest in the Free Fire has enhanced the gameplay. This post gives players the specifics of the Free Fire War Chest.

The patch notes for War Chest In Free Fire says,

“We realized that it is a bit difficult to find and locate loot in outdoor areas. In this patch, we will be putting War Chests in several locations to make looting easier on the battlefield.”

War Chests are made accessible to ranked and casual modes. It bears a sufficient quantity of weapons and equipment. To procure these arsenals, players are mandated to open war chests in Free Fire.

To make loot convenient for players, the developers have placed war chests at multiple locations, particularly in the outdoors. Besides, it will also support the players if they fail or finds it difficult in gathering enough loot to cope with enemies against opponents on the battlefield.

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With the new Free Fire OB26 launch, in addition to the war chest, many other pertinent features are introduced. Essential ones are the following:

  • New Free Look option
  • New System – Revival Point
  • New Weapons
  • New Item – Revival Card
  • New Training Grounds – BatouHigh FPS and Shadow functions are now available for all devices.
  • Twitter login support

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