How To Get Unlimited Gloo Wall In Free Fire? – Complete Guide 2021

In this guide, you will get the 4 fastest and best ways in which you can get Unlimited Gloo Wall in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire — which was released way back in September 2017 — has become the most downloaded and popular battle royale mobile game. In a span of three years the games have managed to win the hearts of millions of players worldwide. Since Free Fire is a BR Game it consists entirely of survival skills and gameplay. And to do so various hiding and strategic features have been brought forwards by the developers of the game.

While players tend to use a  building, tree, vehicle as a cover there requires more defense to dodge the bullets in times when you cannot hide or take shelter. Developers added a new feature of Gloo Wall which acts as a barrier for you in such situations. In this article, we not only be telling you How To Get Unlimited Gloo Wall In Free Fire but also complete information on this item.

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What Are Gloo Wall In Garena Free Fire?

As mentioned above Gloo Wall will help you in blocking out any enemy attacks coming your way. With this, you will be able to avoid all enemy gun bullets. It is a very powerful item that provides players a huge advantage in battle. But these Gloo Wall Grenades in Free Fire is limited. You will be able to loot this item from the top buildings at the end of the map but they are very small quantity.

How To Get Unlimited Gloo Wall In Free Fire

Also, you will only be able to deploy only three of them at a time. It is always best to have as many Gloo Wall Grenade as you can get. Players keep looking for more and more ways to obtain this amazing item. The fastest is by using the Training Mode in Free Fire. However, if you wish to obtain an unlimited amount of Gloo walls you will have to use other modes, cheating with Free Fire mods, and using the  Wagger pet or looting the airship can be your next resort in obtaining it.

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How To Get Unlimited Gloo Wall In Free Fire?

1. Training Mode in Free Fire

The fastest and simplest way in which you can get unlimited Gloo Walls in Free Fire is by playing in the training mode. This mode is actually being designed for beginners but you can make good use of it in obtaining the best defense item. Here’s how you can get access to the training mode in Free Fire.

  1. Open the game and click on Start Button to see all the modes available.
  2. Select the Training mode button which is under the left bottom.
  3. Play in the Training Mode and tap the Gloo Wall button to deploy unlimited Gloo Wall.

How To Get Unlimited Gloo Wall In Free Fire

2. Get Unlimited Gloo Wall With Mod’s

You can get an unlimited amount of Gloo walls by cheating with Free Fire mods. These MOD are quite popular among players as it the easiest and fasted tool that you can opt for. With the help of mods, you can get unlimited diamonds, HP, automatic headshot, wallhacks, and many other cheats. Free Fire MOD APK can be found easily on the internet.

NOTE:- This MOD version goes against Garena Free Fire’s policy and terms of service. Using this method and getting caught will lead you to get punished with a temporary or even a permanent ban. 

3. Get Gloo Wall With Waggor Pet

Mr. Waggor the penguin is one of the most popular pets in Free Fire. It has a special ability that helps in providing you with Gloo Grenade at a set amount of time. The higher its level lower the time in which grenades are provided by Mr. Waggor the penguin will be. Once its level has reached the maximum you will be able to get Gloo Grenade after every 180 seconds. This means that you can get around 7 grenades within 10 minutes.

How To Get Unlimited Gloo Wall In Free Fire

4. Get Gloo Wall From Airship

The airship is one of the unique and amazing features in Free Fire which has tons of objects and valuable tools and items you can obtain from. You can get items like grenades, weapons, and ammo also obtaining Gloo Wall Grenades will become easier for you guys. The airship is found at random floating on the map.

How To Get Unlimited Gloo Wall In Free Fire

When you check the map you will be able to detect it with a small green icon. To jump on a flying airship, you will have to climb to the top of the hill or the nearest building and launch their glider towards it. The video given below will help you in how you can climb on airships in Free Fire to loot the items that you need.

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