Free Fire: How To Top-Up Diamonds in November 2021

Here's a step by step guide on how to top-up Diamonds right now.

Diamonds are in-game currencies that can be used to purchase exquisite costumes, characters, the Elite Pass and a lot more items. In order to purchase Diamonds, players have to shell out their real money. In this guide, we will show you how to top up Diamonds in Free Fire.

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How To Top-up Diamonds in Free Fire

1. In-game

If you want to top up Diamonds in Free Fire, you will have to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Run Free Fire and click on the ‘Diamond’ icon, which you can see in the screen below.

Step 2: You will see a few top-up options appearing on the screen. It is totally up to you to select the number of Diamonds you want to buy in Free Fire.

Step 3: Once you made a successful payment, the Diamonds will automatically added to the user’s accounts.

Here are the prices of top-ups in Free Fire:

  • 100 Diamonds – 80 INR
  • 310 Diamonds – 250 INR
  • 520 Diamonds – 400 INR
  • 1060 Diamonds – 800 INR
  • 2180 Diamonds – 1600 INR
  • 5600 Diamonds – 4000 INR

2. GamesKharido

Have you ever heard of Games Kharido? If not then you should know that it is one of the most trusted top-up websites. Currently, the website is offering 100 per cent bonus Diamonds on your first purchase.

Here is the cost of Diamonds on GamesKharido:

  • INR 40 – 50 Diamonds + 50
  • INR 80 – 100 Diamonds + 100
  • INR 240 – 310 Diamonds + 310
  • INR 400 – 520 Diamonds + 520
  • INR 800 – 1060 Diamonds + 1060
  • INR 1600 – 2180 Diamonds + 2180
  • INR 4000 – 5600 Diamonds + 5600

You need to follow these simple steps to top up Diamonds from GamesKharido:

Step 1: You need to visit the official website of Games Kharido and log in using your Facebook account and Free Fire ID.

Step 2:  Select the required mode of payment and the number of Diamonds you want to be purchased.

Step 3:  As soon as the payment is made, the Diamonds will be added to your account.


We urge you not to use any illegal tools such as Free Fire Diamond generators to buy Diamonds as it is against the policy of Garena Free Fire. Unfortunately, if you caught purchasing Diamonds from any illegal source, your account will be permanently banned.