How to Change Your BGMI ID Name Style (2022)

Saw a cool IGN in BGMI and now looking to get a cool name ID style for yourself?

BGMI is one of our favourite games to play. With the Battle Royale game constantly bringing in a ton of new features, you can never get bored. Millions of Indian players were glad to have gotten their favourite game back soon after the PUBG ban in 2021. Some of the features that you can use in the game include character customization and now, cool name styles. A new feature that got us all rushing to use, here is how you too can change your BGMI ID name style for both, solo and clans.

How can I get a Unique Name Style in BGMI?


How to Change Your BGMI ID Name Style?

There are two simple phases to go through that you can use to change your BGMI ID name style. These are as follows:

  • Using nickname generators to create the unique BGMI name ID
  • Change your name in the BGMI game


The process is quite simple, however, you will need to make sure that you are vigilant when using the nickname generators to create your ID. Make sure to close all unwanted ads and tabs if they open without your permission. Here are the steps on how to use both:

Nickname Generators

To get unique font styles and special symbols for your personal name change or that of your clan, follow the given steps:


  • Use your search engine to look for name generators
  • Search for your preferred fonts and character styles
  • Write or find the name that suits you and your clan best
  • Copy the name to your clipboard

And done, phase one is complete! Now, head on into the game and change your name!

BGMI game


To change your name on the BGMI game itself, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Start the BGMI game on your smartphone
  • Head on over to the Shop
  • Purchase a rename card
  • Close the shop
  • Click on inventory
  • Click on the rename card
  • dialog box will open up
  • Paste the name from the name generator into the box
  • Confirm the name change in the game

And done, you now have a cool name that you and your friends can enjoy! Enjoy the newest feature of the BGMI game and change your name to something cool, ASAP. What will BGMI come up with next? We can’t wait to find out. If you want to read more about BGMI, then check out this article on Carryminati BGMI ID, income, stats & more.


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