Top 5 Battle Royale Games Similar To PUBG Mobile/BGMI

Check out these top 5 PUBG Mobile Alternatives for the ultimate Battle Royale Experience.

Ever since news broke out about PUBG mobile getting the ax by the Indian IT ministry, social media has been flooded with heartbroken users sharing their disappointment. Apart from PUBG Mobile, the government has also barred Knives Out and Rules of Survival. While some have turned it into a hilarious meme fest, lovers of the game were quick to look for a PUBG Alternative almost instantly.

We sifted through some of the most amazing games that are similar to PUBG Mobile and Lo Behold we found you just the right choices!

Here is the list of top PUBG Mobile Alternatives you can switch to on your Android and iOS devices. Check out Now!

BEST PUBG Mobile/BGMI Alternatives – September 2021

Call of Duty: Mobile

Best Pubg Mobile Alternatives

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the top recommendations for replacing PUBG Mobile in India. The game comprises of a Battle Royal mode and is equal in terms of gameplay and number of downloads. What’s interesting is its similarity to PUBG Mobile wherein 100 players jump on to a familiar battlefield with detectable guns, vehicles, and characters.

Call of Duty Mobile also offers a separate multiplayer mode with one of the TDM experience on mobile. While some players may not relish their battle royale, they are bound to be addicted to the deathmatch modes.

Despite being developed by Chinese Timi Studios, the game is wholly owned by American Activision. So, it’s safe to say that Call of Duty isn’t going away any time soon in India.

Garena FreeFire: Rampage

Best Pubg Mobile Alternatives

Another close competitor to PUBG Mobile in India is FreeFire. It has an excellent battle royale experience that is quite similar to PUBG. The 10-min game drops you on a battlefield where you are to go headfirst against 49 other players. It has identifiable guns, vehicles, a safe zone, and everything else that will remind you of your favorite battle royale game.

FreeFire which is developed by Garena (Singapore) features a squad system with in-game chat and a separate 4v4 game mode for fast-paced players. It offers smooth gameplay, graphics, and season system making it a perfect choice for survival shooting play for both Android and iPhone.


Best Pubg Mobile Alternatives

Fortnite is an excellent alternative to PUBG Mobile due to its amazing graphics and
strong battle royale presence. It resembles both PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty in its 100 player
gameplay. Like its counterparts, in Fortnite, you drop into an island from a plane, use resources, and find weapons to take out
other players.

Players are allowed to collect useful items like woods, metals, and more to build different structures that can help save them from harmful attacks. Fortnite offers amazing graphics, a strong userbase, one that is even better than PUBG Mobile. Some experts have also called it a better Battle Royale Experience than PUBG Mobile itself.

Unfortunately for players, Fortnite has been removed by both Play Store and App Store. However, users can still sideload it from the Epic Games website which is also its developer.

Standoff 2

Best Pubg Mobile Alternatives

If you are a Counter-Strike addict, chances are you will also love Standoff 2. A dynamic first-person shooter game, it is currently in the beta testing phase. The game has a total of six different maps with three exciting modes; including Deathmatch, Defuse the bomb, and Arms race.

Standoff 2 offers a similar Counter-Strike style FPS. PLayers of two teams are required to battle it off inside small maps using skills and tactics to take down their enemies. Developed by Russian company Axlebolt and will soon have updated new game modes, tournaments,
and more maps.

Battlelands Royale

Best Pubg Mobile Alternatives

Our last but impressive alternative to PUBG Mobile is Battlelands Royale. Though it has a toned-down version of your favourite Battleground Royale game, it is still impressive in every sense. Similar to PUBG, players have to compete with everyone on the given map in order to survive until the end.

However, unlike in PUBG Mobile, the gameplay is a top-down view and not the regular first-person shooter which could be a turn-off. Developed by Futureplay Games in Canada, the game might not be top-notch for hardcore PUBG lovers, but still offers a fun battle royale gameplay.

These are the best PUBG Mobile Alternatives to play on your Android and iPhone devices. They are easily accessible and thrilling for a battleground experience. So, now that you have the perfect choices to replace your PUBG love, go battle it out at the ultimate royale challenges.

Do you have a favorite PUBG Mobile alternative? Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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