Carryminati BGMI ID, Income, Stats & More (2023)

Casetoo is a popular Youtuber famous for his roast videos

Carryminati is a popular Youtube content creator who has gained quite a following due to his entertaining if sometimes controversial videos. While the Youtuber has gained massive views in his roast videos, he is also quite known for his gaming videos. He plays a number of games including Minecraft, Overwatch, Fortnite, Resident Evil 2, Call of duty, and BGMI. Do you want to know more about Carryminati like his BGMI ID, Income, Stats, and much more? Then keep reading as we will get into all of these topics today.

BGMI Streamer Carryminati: BGMI ID, Income, Stats & More


Carryminati BGMI ID & IGN

CarryMinati plays BGMI with the ID 545247961. Viewers can find the popular Youtuber under the BGMI IGN of Khalidjamonday. Next, let us discuss Carryminati’s stats in the game.

Carryminati Seasonal BGMI Stats

While Carryminati has not been very active this season, here are his stats for C1S2 Squad.

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Since Carry has not played a lot of games in this Season, it is difficult to estimate his performance. However, he has appeared in 8 ranked squad matches and gotten one win while finishing in the Top 10 5 times. With 16 finishes and a F/D ratio of 2.00, Carryminati has managed a total damage of 2846.9. His win ratio is only 12.5% but that can be credited to the low number of matches that he has played.

Carryminati Income


Since Carryminati has multiple channels om Youtube as well as Twitch, it is hard to pin down his exact income. However, his gaming channel CarryIsLive has an estimated monthly earning between $6.2K to $99K, according to Social Blade. The yearly income for this channel is estimated to be between $74.3 to $1.2 Million. If we also take his other account into consideration his income obviously increases. According to Social Blade, the estimated yearly income of the Carryminati channel is between 3.5K to 56.2K. His Net Worth is speculated to be $3.8 Million (Rs. 28 Crores).

Carryminati Real Name, Relationship, Instagram & Age

Carryminati’s real name is Ajey Nagar. He is 22 years old. Viewers can find him on Instagram under the name of carryminati where he has 14.8m followers. He is rumored to be in a relationship with Avneet Kaur. However, these speculations have not been confirmed by either party.

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