How To Get A Corporate Job In Bitlife (Career Guide)

Want to get a corporate job in Bitlife? Here's how you can do that.

In Bitlife, you set the components of your life in the game by your choices. Just like in real life, you go through different phases of life which includes looking for a job. Glance through this article in order to learn how to get a Corporate Job in Bitlife.

How to Get a Corporate Job in Bitlife?

corporate job in bitlife

In order to land yourself in a Corporate Job in Bitlife, you need to have a degree in the first place. It is better to keep an eye on the smart stats since the childhood phase. Keeping your character smart throughout the school life will ease your process.

When you pass out of school, keep your smart stats high and join a Business School further. Get your degree in the Business School. Once you graduate from the Business School, you can look for a job.

To get a Corporate Job in Bitlife, go in the Occupation menu in the game and click on jobs. It will be the fourth option from the top. In the Jobs tab and you will come across a list of Corporate jobs. You can select from the Corporate jobs, which one you want as per the degree that you’ve got.

Once you have selected from the job options, you will have to tackle the questions in an interview. Clear the interview and you will get yourself a Corporate Job in Bitlife.

What to do once you get a Corporate Job?

Now that you have a Corporate job, don’t just sit back. You can aim higher. Keep increasing your smart stats and gain experience of 15 years in the Corporate Job. After that, you can apply for the Vice President of a company. As you keep working hard and progressing in your field of work, you can become a CEO, Managing Director, etc. Now these options are available for you because you had selected Business School during your Graduation.

Now you know how to get a Corporate Job in Bitlife. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, feel free to check out how to Win Lottery in Bitlife and how to Get the Cat Lady Ribbon in Bitlife.