How To Get The Cat Lady Ribbon In BitLife

Love cats and want to get the Cat Lady Ribbon in BitLife?

BitLife is a test life simulator game where players can pursue any type of life they want. In fact, players can also get a number of ribbons in the game depending on the type of life they live. For cat lovers, the cat lady ribbon would be a breeze in BitLife. Let us take a look at how players can get this ribbon in the game.

How To Receive The Cat Lady Ribbon In BitLife?



This ribbon is for the players that love cats. To get this ribbon, players will need to meet a few requirements. These requirements are listed below. Once players complete all these requirements and do not deviate from the steps, they will get the Cat Lady Ribbon in BitLife.

Female Character


This is an obvious requirement but the character needs to be a female to get the Cat Lady Ribbon in BitLife. If a male character attempts to get this ribbon, they will not be able to. The character literally needs to be a lady to get the Cat Lady Ribbon in BitLife.

Have A Lot Of Cats

As the name suggests, the character will need to get a lot of cats to achieve this ribbon. Players that are Bitizens will be able to get as many cats as they like. However, even if players are limited in the number of cats they have, having three cats at all times in the game should do the trick. In total, players will have to get over 50 cats in their lifetime to get this ribbon. The size of a player’s house also affects the number of cats they can have as a pet.


Build A Strong Relationship With All The Cats

The character needs to have a strong bod with all their cats. The relationship bar with each pet cat should be in the green zone and preferably be full. Players should try to max out the character’s relationship with each cat. Mourning over cats that passed away also contributes to players receiving the Cat Lady Ribbon in BitLife.

Don’t Get Into Relationships Or Friendships


Players that want to get the Cat Lady Ribbon in BitLife, will have to fully commit to the lifestyle. The prime focus of the characters life has to be their cats. This means that the character cannot have any romantic relationships or platonic friendships. The only social interaction the character should have is with their cats. Players will have to be downright anti-social with anyone but their cats to this ribbon. However, this does not mean that the character should be rude to anyone. This will lead to players getting other ribbons. Just ignore people and do not have any social interactions. Also characters that want to get this ribbon should not pursue one night stands.

Avoid The Family And Don’t Have Kids

Adding to the anti-social behavior, players will need their character to avoid their family (Mother, Father, Step-Parent, Sibling etc.). They should not have strong ties with any member of the family. Just ignore the family and eventually the relationships will start deteriorating. Players must not make any attempts to fix this. They shouldn’t interact with any member of their family and let the relationship bar get red over time.

Another thing to avoid while pursuing the Cat Lady Ribbon in BitLife is to have kids. The character must grow old to be a spinster and have no children. Cats must be the sole focus of the character’s life.

Have No Other Pet

This is important. Players should not have any other pets in their lifetime except cats. Do not adopt or buy dogs, rabbits, fish etc. to be a part of t he household. This will decrease the player’s chances of getting the ribbon.

Do Not Be Too Rich Or Too Successful

The character will need to make a moderate living and just be average at her job. If the character is too rich or too successful, they will end up getting a different ribbon at the end of her life. Also, players should not choose a fame-driven career for their character while pursuing this ribbon. Just get an average, non-descript job and make enough money to support the character and the cats.

Have No One Attend The Funeral


Finally, once the character reaches the end of her life, her funeral should not be attended by anybody. Players will need to alienate their character entirely from society by the end of their life. Their character should not have any friends or family that wants to attend their funeral.

These are all the requirements that players need to complete to get the Cat Lady Ribbon in BitLife. Players can also learn how they can get other ribbons like The Barbie Girl Ribbon and The Lazy Ribbon with our Games Adda guides.


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