Bitlife: How To Win The Lottery (2022)

Do you want to make some quick cash? Here's how you can win a lottery in Bitlife.

In Bitlife anything is possible, that’s what makes the game more interesting. Unlike real life, here you can win the lottery and become successful easily. But the game of luck remains the same in Bitlife too. Just buy the lottery ticket and let the luck do the work. For winning a lottery ticket in Bitlife, you just have to relax and cross your fingers. But there are also some easier ways, that you can try. Here’s how you can win a lottery in Bitlife easily.

How Can I Win Lottery in Bitlife? (2022)

win lottery in bitlife

To win the lottery, you first have to purchase it. If you don’t know how to do that just follow these steps.

  • To purchase a lottery ticket in Bitlife you first need to head to the Activities lab.
  • Then just click on the Lottery option, and then two options will appear.
  • You can either buy a single ticket, or you can buy 10 tickets in a bunch.
  • Just pick the option according to your preferences.

Note: Each ticket costs $5 and to know about the winning amount, there’ll be a small window with the jackpot amount listed in it.

Now you know how you can purchase a lottery ticket in Bitlife. To win the jackpot you can always purchase the tickets over and over and let the luck do the work. But if you can’t wait and want to make sure that you win the lottery, we just have the right and easier tricks for you.

Trick 1

Here’s a way from which you can guarantee your win. Under your age you will see a text in the background, every year you grow old. You will surely see a tip once in your lifetime in Bitlife that will say “A fortune cookie told me to play the lottery”. whenever you see this tip, then just don’t waste your time and go purchase a lottery.  just keep an eye for the tip because this tip tends to guarantee your win.

Trick 2

The other way, to win the lottery in Bitlife is just by allowing the game to send you alerts. People allow the Bitlife alert for many reasons. Some just allow it for fun and some also allow it to get the tips. If you want to win the lottery you can just ON the alerts. And if you’re lucky enough, then you’ll receive a message that’ll say “You received a lottery tip”. And if you do receive this message then without any doubt just play the lottery. This message increases your chances by 100% and guarantee’s your win.

Trick 3

There’s also another way by which you can assure your win. You get a chance at Heirloom each day and if you get the Lucky Dice Heirloom in Bitlife. Then it’s casino time, you just have to go to your asserts area and play with the dice. After playing, you have to go and purchase a lottery ticket. And if everything goes right, then you’ll surely win a jackpot. You can also earn some quick cash by, playing in the casino and betting on the horses.

These are all the tricks that you can try and win the lottery jackpot easily. The winning amount can be anything but not less than 6 figure. So don’t worry, if you win it you’ll get a lot of cash in Bitlife. You should always invest your money in houses, so here’s how you can buy a house in Bitlife.