Best Legends For Control in Apex Legends

Want to dominate the Control mode in Apex Legends? These Top 5 best Legends in Apex Legends might help you do that.

To assert your dominance on the field, you need to have elite co-ordination with your teammates and you need a good Legend to put up a fight. It is necessary to choose a Legend carefully when it comes to strategic play to guard the checkpoints and maintain control. Here’s a list of top 5 best Legends for control mode in Apex Legends.

Top 5 Best Legends for Control Mode

This list contains 5 best Legends that would dominate the opponents in Control Mode.


best controls in apex legends

Bloodhound is nicknamed as the ‘Godsent Hunter’ and it is indeed a tag it upholds. Bloodhound’s tactical move enables you to track the enemies and even see the traps set for you and your teammates. It is called ‘Eye of The Allfather’. Using this tactical ability, you can see your enemies through any obstacle but the other side of the coin is that you will end up revealing your position. In conclusion, you need to know exactly when to use it. Bloodhound’s other quality is that it has escapes which can help you in certain situations.


best control mode in apex legends

Wattson is a Static Defender and can prove useful if played keeping in mind her abilities. Wattson’s Tactical Ability is Perimeter Security. She can deploy nodes that can cover a perimeter up to a certain range. These nodes create an electrically charged fence which can hold off approaching enemies by stunning them and slowing them down. Apart from that, she has another Tactical Ability which is called Interception Pylon. Interception pylon can destroy Ultimate Abilities and Tactical Abilities if they are fired in the range. Apart for that, the pipeline can recharge the shields of her teammates at a colossal rate of 5 shields per second provided that the teammates must be in the range of the Pylon. Wattson is one of the best Legends to use while in control mode if playing strategically.


best in control mode in apex legends

Caustic is one of the most powerful Legends in Apex Legends. Being a defensive Legend, Caustic’s Tactical Ability is Nox Gas Trap which explodes to release a poisonous gas if the enemies come into its range. About his Passive Ability, it is called ‘Nox Vision’ which enables him to see right through the fog of the gas at the enemies trapped in there, which could prove useful in buying time or even killing them while they are in the gas. His Ultimate Ability makes him preferable while playing in Control mode and that is Nox Grenade. The grenade, similar to the Nox Gas Trap, releases toxic gas when it explodes and it covers a large area while spreading through the scene.


best controls in apex legends

The reason why Valkyrie is put on this list is because Valkyrie is a Recon Legend. In other words, she can spot the enemies, similar to Bloodhound, but from the skies. Her Passive Ability allows her to take flight for a certain amount of time with the help of her jetpack. Valkyrie’s Tactical Ability is called Missile Swarm in which she shoots a bunch of missiles at her enemies which can impose heavy damage and stun the enemies. Her Ultimate Ability is called Skyward Diving, which allows all the teammates to soar into the sky and attack the enemies while coming down from above. Valkyrie is notable Legend which can lead you to victory in Control mode.


best controls in apex legends

Revenant, among other Legends, is special in his own way. He is an Offensive Legend which lets you channelize all the aggression on the enemies. While playing Revenant, you have to make sure that you don’t roam away from your teammates. The reason is Revenant can be an amazing assist when using his Ultimate Ability. Death Totem is the Ultimate Ability of Revenant allows the teammates to achieve a shadow form after interacting with the totem. Although when you enter the shadow form, you will lose your armor.  You will be vulnerable to the attacks of the enemies. You will re-spawn where the totem was thrown if you die in the shadow form. His Passive Ability allows him to crouch-walk without losing his general speed. It can be useful while escaping the enemies as when you crouch, you’ll be a smaller target and a rather faster one.

Apart from this, you’ll be able to climb at a faster rate. Silence is Revenant’s passive ability. Silence is a grenade-like object that deals nominal damage when you throw it first and the effect increases over time. If the enemy is standing in the range of it, enemy won’t be able to use its abilities for 15 seconds. Well, it enables you to buy some time.

Over all, every Legend has its own key aspect in control. With the help of your skills to play a Legend and co-ordination of your teammates, you can conquer control mode. While you’re here, you can check out about how to get your IP unbanned in Fortnite and fix the lag in Apex Legends if you’re experiencing it.