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How to Fix the Lag in Apex Legends Mobile?

Play the game with no delay using these four methods

Have. You. Ever. Felt. Like. Your. Game. Just. Won’t. Stop. Lagging? No matter how much you try, your characters just don’t move when you want them to, you keep losing, and this time, it’s not the internet at fault (you did check to see if your net was laggy first, right? Right?). So, how do you fix the lag in Apex Mobile Legends?

Sometimes, our phones just can’t handle sheer awesomeness and with the new Apex Legends mobile game currently unoptimized for those of us with lower quality phones or those of us with memory on the lower end, it’s no wonder we’re facing so many ‘technical difficulties’. Well, when life gives you lemons, you gotta make something out of it. So here is your guide to fix the lag in Apex Legends mobile.

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How to Fix Lag in Apex Legends Mobile?

How to stop Apex Legends Mobile from Lagging?

If you’re facing a laggy game, first make sure that your device is compatible with the system requirements in both Android and iOS Smartphones. And if the game still lags, then you can follow one or a combination of the four methods listed below to have a smoother and better-rounded mobile gaming experience:

Change the game’s settings

    • Display Settings
      • Head on over to your display settings and change the following to:
Image Quality Smooth
Frame Rate Control Extremely high
Adaptive Smoothening On


    • Advanced settings
Dynamic Shadows Off
Refraction Quality Off
Anti-aliasing Off
Character Halo Off

Clean your phone

    • Clear the app’s cache and storage
      • Long press on the app in your home screen
      • Go to the storage and Cache on your phone
      • Clear cache
      • Clear Storage
    • Use a game booster

Google games acts as a booster for most games but for a high FPS game like Apex Legends, it makes more sense to get another that will boost the game that much more and help it run smoothly.

  • Close apps running in the background

Clear other apps running in the background so that you don’t have too many apps consuming data at the same time.

  • Scan and remove viruses.

A virus could also keep your phone from performing well and so, regular scans and cleaning of your phone is recommended, not just to play the game but for the general wellbeing of your phone.

Play on an optimised phone

    • Don’t play when the device is overheated

Playing on an overheated device is like trying to work out when you’re sick. Seems like a good idea at first but ends up being a terrible one instead. Your phone needs to cool down or the GPU is going to crash on you. Your laggy game won’t be the last of your problems if you let this continue.

  • Don’t play when your phone is low on battery

Same analogy as in the last point, except this time, your phone dies faster than it probably was supposed to. Want to play? Charge your phone beforehand for a smooth experience.

  • Disable Battery Saver

Your battery saver is meant to save and restrict your phone’s ability to perform at its fullest so as to save energy and make your phone last longer than it would otherwise. However, this also means that it restricts your device from allowing you to play games as best as it could otherwise. You may save a few extra minutes of game time but it will be at the cost of playing an excellent game in the most frustrating way possible.

If all else fails, uninstall and reinstall the app

Sometimes, we all need a redo and so does your phone. Working on a newly installed app rather than one that’s already installed (and currently problematic) is definitely easier. You will probably find it easier to uninstall, clean up the residue and reinstall the game.

We hope that this article was useful to you and that the game works better with any one or a combination of the methods spoken about above. To learn more about Apex Legends Mobile, read this article on How to Change the Camera View in Apex Legends Mobile?