How To Change The Camera View In Apex Legends Mobile?

Feel like TPP > FPP when playing Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile has just been released and we love everything about it. Well, almost everything… The constant debate about whether playing in first person or third person perspective has left us switching back and forth between the two. Regardless, it’s sometimes better to play TPP instead of FPP and vice versa. Especially if you’re not a big fan of FPP but still want to play this amazing game. We know the struggle. Don’t worry, we got you. Here is your guide on how to change the camera view in Apex Legends Mobile!

How to Change Camera View from FPP to TPP in Apex Legends Mobile?


Change Camera View In Apex Legends Mobile

Yes, you can! If FPP (First-Person Perspective) is not your cup of tea, then you can always play in TPP (Third-Person Perspective). Follow these steps to do the same:

  1. Log in to the game
  2. Select a mode and map to play on
  3. On the bottom left side of your screen, select TPP
  4. Click on confirm
  5. Start the match


Now your game will be in third-person perspective. However, if you ever feel like switching back to FPP at any point in the game, you can always do the same by clicking on the FPP switch on the bottom left of your screen. Remember, the game will only begin in the third person once you start the match.

The game by default is automatically set to FPP and so, when you want to change, you can always start your game in TPP and then continue to switch in the middle. However, this is not possible if you start the game with the FPP setting instead.

If this doesn’t work, then you can go to your overall sensitivity settings and put the TPP FOV to 100.


So watch out for enemies around you, use your weapons to hit ‘em where it hurts. If you’re used to playing in first person, why not try third person to see your character and your chances of winning in a new light. The animation is great and the fun has just started. So get out there and play the game in your preferred perspective now!

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